Manifesto Market dresses in all colors for Easter

For Easter Sunday and Monday, we can promise lots of smiles

Nothing says Easter like Prague's Manifesto in its new vivid styling. Bright colorful stripes under the pristine blue sky will make you feel and enjoy spring through many senses. You can taste new special dishes — something you wouldn't imagine for Easter. You can bring your kids or just relax with elegant pieces of fabric dancing in the wind above your head (you won't resist taking a photo).

“On Friday night, we will present Johnny Majestic with his guitar and we can't wait to have the charismatic Emilio Pinchi playing during Saturday Brunch on April 20 — coming all the way from Liverpool,” Radka Ondráčková told Prague TV.

For Easter Sunday and Monday, we can promise lots of smiles. A balloon artist will make Jeff Koons-style doggies and bunnies, all free for Manifesto visitors — little ones or grown-ups, the market doesn't discriminate against anyone. The balloons will be made from biodegradable material, of course. Make sure to stop before 3 pm.

Original coloring sheets are also available, ask at the ice cream container. Easter and sweets match well: You can enjoy mini pancakes and heavenly baklavas from Nofech. There will be plenty of day-drinking options too for those who like it liquid.

Vege Punk and Dirty Dog will serve Easter specials made with eggs, and the grills will be busy again, but not with meat or fish this time. Taste the delicious Slovak mountain grilled cheese oštiepok. Pho Bar nails it with their brand new Power Bowl, serving eggs in the most unexpected company of dried beef, mango, Vietnamese coriander, roasted onions and peanuts. Ryba je ryba runs a contest. “Can you guess how many eggs fit in a 1kg tin of caviar? If your guess is right, you can win a luxurious 100g box of caviar from Ryba je ryba,” said the chef Matteo de Carli.

The contest is running on social media, but no one will lose if they make it to Manifesto this Easter. Have a seat and beat the spring fatigue with a view of the blue sky, rainbow colors above your head, on your plate and in your glass.

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