Meat Beat

Hunting high and low for the best edible flesh.

There are literally thousands of meat shops (uzeniny) in Prague. On most busy
streets you’ll find one at every tenth door or so. The question is, what makes
one good and another a health threat?

One indicator is the number of people in the shop. There is a propensity for
humans to gather whenever we see other humans gathering, especially here in
the Czech Republic. But a good meat shop should be frustratingly
crowded. You should not be able to move as babičky swing their harnessed
elbows and your head spins from the unmistakable, rich scent of smoked meats.
This is a good meat shop. The mood is hectic and the staff is as high as any
clubber could ever get. Meat is power and they know this. Everyone knows this.

So, the question comes up: where is the best meat shop? I have my suspicions,
but in order to selfishly keep traffic to a reasonable level, I won’t reveal
the best. I will, however, ham willing, give you my picks during the coming
months for the top two in each district of Prague. I feel this is fair, and
this will ensure that no matter where you are, whatever you are doing, you will
find good meat.

Let the meat begin.

Prague 7 Holešovice (Letná)

I begin in Prague 7, simply because this is where I spend my mornings. I won’t
tell you what I am doing so early, but it is legal. I will focus on two great
meat shops in this budding mini-metropolis. The first one is the busiest, while
the second holds a hidden treasure. At both, you will get professional service
and great quality meats.

Maso Bárta

Dukelskích Hrdinů 20, Praha 7

This family-run establishment is always packed and full of smiles. No matter
how gray your day is, these smiling counterpeople will leave you feeling like
there is something to smile about. Truly fast and professional service will
cause you to leave with more than you intended to buy. My tip for this shop
is the rostbif (tastes like pastrami) and the debrecínská šunka (ham). A nice
breakfast amount would be 100 grams of debrecínka and two rohlíky. Just remember
that this shop is always busy, so allocate five minutes of wait-time in the

Letní Uzeniny

Milady Horákové 24, Praha 7

This meaty hub on bustling Milady Horákové is always suprisingly empty. I attribute
this to the counter length and the teamwork. These people are fast. You won’t
get the same smiles and flirty glances you get at Bárta’s, but you get your
meat quickly and without pretense. Bottom line: if you want some meat, they
will give it to you. My tip for this place is for sure the šunka od kosti (ham
from the bone). Nice succulent pieces of ham go deliciously with dark rohlíky
and good horseradish-infused mustard.

The secret tip here is that they also on occasion have prosciutto, a tasty cured
Italian ham, at the price of larger shops in the center. It’s a nice treat when
you aren’t expecting it.

That’s all for now. Next time I’ll focus on the dizzying array of meat products
on sale in Prague, so as to facilitate an educated choice at that hectic counter.
Bye bye for now. And remember, meat is good.

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