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5 great steak joints

In the spirit of the discovery in the Czech lands of those free-thinking cows incorrectly labeled as "Mad!" by the British, Chi Chi thought it was appropriate to give you some tips on cheap steak places in Prague.

Ahhhh, meat, the bringer of strength, power, joy, and truth. Oh how I long to submerge myself in your glory. Meat where art thou? Why hast thou turned thy glorious face from me? I need you, I want you, and I crave... MORE!… And thus began my journey for a steak of value and worth in Prague. Sure there is meat in abundance here. After all, when you ask vegetarians what they think of the current meat situation in Prague, they are generally appalled. This seemingly is music to a meat-lover's mouth. Yeah, there is plec po selsku, goulash, and even the always-trusty pig's knuckle. However, when one searches for the glorious power that can only be given to us from within the marbled etchings of sirloin or the illustrious T-bone, then here my friends, here is where the stump lays firmly on the path to salvation. We are not blocked from finding what we seek, oh no, for there are steaks to be bagged in this here city. We are merely misguided -- tested if you will by the laws of protein. It is for this reason that I have decided to share with you the results of my 4-year search for beefy goodness in Prague. I hope that those of you who truly seek the beef will benefit from my wanderings.

First of all, I don't want to come off like I know anything more than anyone else, because frankly, I'm quite stupid. I do, however, want to point out some important issues.

  • If you are looking for a good steak then do NOT buy svícková at a restaurant. See, when translated, the word refers to the cut of meat known as tenderloin. When you go to the butcher and order svícková, he will give you tenderloin, which is a very tasty cut of meat. However, when you go to the hospoda and see the aforementioned svícková on the menu, you need to know that the word svícková in this case refers to the sauce, which unlike the meat, consists of sweet cream and beef stock. It will be poured generously over your flank steak, which has been relieved by thick-knuckled boilers of any nutrients, thus defeating the true steak-craver's rationale for purchasing the item in the first place. It will be cheap, and you might love the taste, but know beforehand, you are not getting a steak when you order this meal.

  • Secondly, be sure to look your server in the eye when you dictate how you want your meat cooked, for if you do not, be assured that your beefy prize will be cooked closer to the 3rd degree than to the 1st. In other words, as with the English, the tendency is to overcook. Whatever your preference, know that they know, and thus maintain the happy state which is called meat.

Now here is the section that really matters. Below I have picked the best steak places in Prague as I see it. Now, many might disagree or feel that I have excluded some places. I can only tell you about places I have been, and due to my stubborn nature and reluctance to pay exorbitant amounts of money for food, some of the high-end places will not be shown. However, this means that none of the places below are beyond reach. In fact, no steak will cost more than 400 Kc. Most will actually be closer to 250 Kc, but I digress. Here is the list of the top 5 steak places to visit in Prague.

U bílé krávy

Rubešova 10
Praha 2
Metro: Museum (Line A and C)
Tel. (02) 2423 9570 or 2423 9571

Plain and simple, this place was founded on the concept of meat and its savored embibement. You will have on your table a card delineating the breed, weight, and date of last breath of your meal. Over the top? Perhaps, but the steaks are divine! The steaks themselves are very reasonably priced considering the fancy décor, approx. 300 Kc. By the way, this is a very good spot for a romantic meat union. Oh, and if for whatever reason you are tired of our bovine friend, why not dig on the long-necked one. That's right, they dish up ostrich steaks that give the cows a run for their money.

Price of meal: 300-400 Kc per person

U Sádlu

Klimentská 2
Praha 1
Tram: 5, 8, 14 (Stop: Dlouhá trída)
Tel. (02) 2481 3874

If you're looking for the medieval meat massacre, then this is the place for you. Picture an axe in your hand and…. Sorry. Really though, the décor of this cavernous carnivorous restaurant is straight-up European old school. Axes, swords, and suits of armor dot the walls, and the large wooden tables lend themselves to a little bit of beer swillin'. The steaks are great, and the side dishes are mountains to be reckoned with. The large wooden platters make you feel like a Viking, and the beer flows freely. The prices are reasonable with your standard steaks (topped with one of a multiple number of sauces to choose from) running from 150 Kc. Reservations are recommended, as this place gets busy.

Price of meal: 200-300 Kc per person

Pasticka Kvelb & Pub

Blanická 25
Praha 2
Tram: 11 (Stop: Italská)
Tel. (02) 2225 3228

At first glance, one might imagine that this hip, young, hang-out has only cheap beer and loud conversation to offer. However, trust your nose and you will soon smell the undeniable bouquet of beef seared and garnished. Great prices and a dedication to bringing your steak to order make this place an all-around winner.

Price of meal: 200-300 Kc per person


Anny Letenské 16
Prague 2
Tram: 11 (Stop: Italská)
Tel. (02) 2225 0594

Just real quick, I put this one here for one slammin' meat feast: steak and tiger prawns, together. Yeah, the prawns aren't huge, but for 278 Kc, it's well worth it. Try it with a baked potato stuffed with chili con queso, and tell me I lie.

Price of meal: 300-400 Kc per person


Masná 17
Praha 1
Tram: 5, 8, 14 (Stop: Dlouhá trída)
Tel. (02) 232 3933

A while back, a good friend of mine showed me this hidden, beefy treasure. The steaks were rockin' and dirt cheap. That was a few years ago, and all of a sudden people decided to up the beef ante in Prague -- and thus prices went up. However, these steaks are straight-up delicious and cost you only 179 Kc. So go there and try the masterful combination of roquefort sauce on a tender sliver of sirloin. You will be happy!

Price of meal: 200-300 Kc per person

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