Finally, Restaurant Delivery Websites that care about you!

New websites Dáme Jídlo and JídloTEĎ changed the Czech food delivery market

For years, I have been hoping a company would come to Prague who could deliver a warm meal to my home at an inexpensive price. Over the years, I tried Pizza Go Home, Pizza West, and Eurobest among many other services that have come and gone. The results were always the same, cold food, higher prices, and a large delivery fee. Also, there was always the worry about how long the delivery would take to arrive. Eurobest was the closest thing to getting a solid restaurant delivery service, but they charge such an exorbitant price for delivery that it really is not cost effective to use them.

Finally, some new sites on the market have come to CZ and put the customer’s needs before their own! and have both hit the ground running with the support of a very strong variety of restaurants and some new, customer centric, business ideas. It has always been easy to get pizza delivered but now you can get gourmet hamburgers, Sushi, Thai, Steaks, Mexican, Greek, Indian, among many others. The choices are endless and both websites are adding new restaurants weekly.

I have tried both services several times and I am impressed with the level of care they are trying to extend to their clients. It’s not a fluke that these websites have a viewpoint of making the customer happy while dealing in a volume oriented business style. DameJidlo, for example, is owned and operated by Tomáš Čupr who was the founding father of Slevomat. He has used the same ideas to develop a delivery website that offers the customers what they truly desire which is hot and fresh food delivered at the same price it would cost you at the restaurant. Tomas stated “We wanted to offer a service that people could be proud of and that customers would want to order from regularly. We have our own delivery team who brings the food from the many restaurants to your home in a container that keeps the food warm and fresh. It is important to us that our customers are always happy with the end result!”

Ahtam Niyazmatov and Marc Westerman are the owners of JidloTED which is a relatively new player in the restaurant delivery market. Ahtam and Marc also own a few customer centric websites namely KuponPlus and GoldCard. Their background has allowed them to see the benefit of offering a structured and sound service to its customers which in turn, will give them long term loyalty and support. Ahtam has told me, “We want people to feel they can get the same food they eat when they go out at home and work. It is important to us that the delivery costs remain very low so that our customers never have to think about the fees when deciding to order from us. Our loyalty programs will allow frequent users to get many free meals along with other wonderful surprises. We are really excited about our delivery service and hope people will see how good and easy it will be to get what they want!”

Source: Dáme Jídlo

Basically, you order from either site by first putting in your address which will give you an extensive list of restaurants available for delivery in your area or city. It will show you the delivery price which mainly ranges from free to 50CZK (there are a few restaurants on both sites that require steeper fees, but they are not many in number). Once you have chosen your restaurant, you will be given options to choose your food and make changes or additions to your order. You will then be asked to enter your delivery information and register so the information can be stored on their server for future purchases.

Lastly, you can choose to pay by credit card online, cash, or use your stored customer loyalty credits to purchase your meal. Food is almost always delivered in one hour or less and they will bring it right to the door of your home. The drivers are always very courteous and they carry change in case you only have large bills to pay for your bill.

The true strength of these websites comes from the customer support staff and customer loyalty programs that both websites have implemented. The loyalty programs give you tokens, or credits, for every purchase you make that you can use at a later time for free food or merchandise. It really makes you feel like you are getting something back for free which should make most of us feel good about using these websites.

I personally ordered several times from each site and will continue to do so for convenience. Neither of these services are perfect, but every time I have had a problem, I contact them immediately and I am apologized to and given credit for my next order. They really seem to want to please their customers which has at least worked with me personally as I will continue to use both sites!

There have been many attempts at restaurant delivery services in Prague, but finally there are two websites that gets you what you want and without paying a great deal extra for delivery! I would strongly suggest to all the readers to give them a try and see if your experience was as positive as mine.

** Both websites offer services in 9 Czech Cities

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