Interview with Arnaud Bricout of La Cave d'Adrien

Arnaud Bricout talks about La Cave d'Adrien, a newly opened French wine and delicatessen shop

Interview with Arnaud Bricout (49), owner and CEO of La Cave d'Adrien, a newly opened French wine and delicatessen shop in Americka 18, Prague 2.

  1. Your professional background is in finance. Where did the idea of opening a wine and delicatessen shop come from?

My background is in equity brokerage. I spent part of my youth in Reims and then my wife used to have a vineyard in Burgundy and my brother has his sommelier diploma, so, really, we have always been close to wine

  1. What is different about La Cave d'Adrien from other French products shops?

We try to offer affordable products with great quality at similar prices to those in France; plus la Cave d'Adrien in Americka provides a very nice atmosphere for its clients.

  1. Who do you see as your target customers?

Due to our price range (starting at CZK 99), we are targeting everyone.

  1. What is your strategy in regards to distributing your wine to restaurants and hotels?

Through the 2 sales managers and 4 freelance sales people in our team, we intend to offer our wines to a wide range of hotels and restaurants, first in Prague and then in some other cities in the Czech Republic.

  1. The shop was officially opened last week but your e-shop has been operating for a few weeks already. What is the feedback to date?

Our e-shop has a great design and very easy functionality, and we offer a very low cost of transportation, even for free for orders above CZK 2,500. The traffic is increasing regularly and what we are now seeing is clients coming first to the shop and then using the website.

  1. French gastronomy, especially wines, is perceived as very good quality but expensive; people might feel intimidated to enter your shop. How do you want to attract the passer-by?

We are using blackboards in front of the shop in order to prove to our customers that even if the appearance of the shop is quite luxurious, you can grab a saucisson and a bottle of wine for less than CZK 200.

  1. Are you planning any loyalty schemes or motivational programmes to attract returning customers?

We are building our database step by step, as long as our customers agree to give us their email. In a few weeks’ time we will be organizing some thematic parties for a very reasonable price and during those events some discounts will be offered. On top of that, more than 22,000 flyers will be distributed in Prague 2 to individuals and corporates with a 10% discount coupon.

  1. The shop is a family business, it is named after your son. How does the father-son cooperation work for you?

My son is operational and focusing on the sales and fairs. I spend half of my time in Prague, both in the role of investor and also as a CEO who tries to put in place the right strategy. Our cooperation is really great because we trust and respect each other and we try to achieve the same end results.

  1. How did you select the wines and products for your shop?

When I am in France, I am tasting new wines every day in order to progressively enlarge our range, but always with a focus on affordable prices. For the delicatessen, our offer will evolve based on our customers’ tastes and needs.

  1. Do you have any plans to expand the business outside of Prague?

Within 1 year, if we are successful, we may duplicate "La Cave d'Adrien" in other Central European countries. But in the meantime we have many goals to achieve through our different distribution channels.

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