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Woodlands Shiraz Cabernet
This medium red coloured wine exudes aromas of dry spice, leather, and earthy mineral and steel aromas. On the palate the wine has a good helping of soft redcurrant flavours balanced by smooth tannins and spicy oak at the finish. Serve with pepper steak.

This delicious wine is available through (Site is currently running in German only, but will be translated to English soon!)

Recipe (to marry with the wine):

Black Peppered Filet Steak with Cognac Sauce

Brad suggests accompanying the dish with Deep Woods Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2008 (available on

Finding good beef filet (tenderloin / filet mignon / Chateaubriand) is relatively simple as the cut is normally very lean and tender on all animals. The filet muscle is located alongside the inner part of the cattle’s backbone, on the lower region of the spine.

It is one of the least exercised muscles thus the filet is often considered the most tender cut of beef.

There is only two relatively small pieces of tenderloin muscle in every beef cattle thus the tenderloin is highly prized, sought after and more expensive than other cuts.

In the hands of a skilful chef, the tenderloin can be transformed into extremely tender and juicy filet mignon steaks and can also be used as beef Carpaccio or tartar, served raw with seasonings. It’s best to buy the smaller, thinner well-marbled filet than the thick, un-marbled older beef as the younger, more marbled cuts have better texture, more fat for flavour and so work very well in this dish.

If you can choose the cut of meat for the recipe, then take from the centre of the filet, cut 180 to 200 gram slices then flatten a little with your hand.



200 gms Beef Filet Trimmed

25 mls olive oil

25 gms Pepper, Black Ground

5 gms Salt, Iodized

50 mls Beef Stock

100 mls Double Cream

50 mls VOS Brandy

Pepper Steak


Heat up an oven to 160 degrees. Sprinkle the salt and half of the pepper onto the filet steak, press this into the meat softly so all the pepper is used up. Then heat up a pan to high heat with the olive oil and place the filet into the oil.

Flash cook on all sides so the beef is completely seared and browned and all those excellent flavours are kept in the meat and then transfer the meat to the oven. In the pan, which should have some browned areas from the meat, add in the brandy and try and light it (by adding the brandy at a high heat or by lighting with the gas from the cooker or a match), this deglazes the pan and with a hand whisk you should be able to remove the browned meaty stock off the pan that will dissolve into the alcohol.

Add the beef stock and cook high heat for a couple of minutes then whisk in the double cream and add in the remainder of the pepper. Cook for three to four more minutes and reduce to a thick mid-brown sauce. This is ready to serve however when you placed the filet into the oven, it was rare so leave in the filet until it is cooked to your liking and then serve with the sauce. Amazing and suggest serving with gratin potatoes and buttered steamed broccoli or asparagus. Sharing optional!

Watch Bradley Mitton talk about the wine:

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