Meat Beat

The cuts and the countertops where you can buy them.

Regardless of where you sit on the sliced meat spectrum, one thing is for sure:
In order to make an educated decision on where you stand, you’ve got to know
the issues.

There are a nut-numbin’ number of cuts on offer in Prague’s meat shops. You’ve
got your thick-sliced, heavy-fat koleno (meat from the knee). You’ve
got your lean and tasty kladenská. You’ve even got bizarre meat rolls
featuring bizarre mixtures of meat and vegetable that proudly proclaim that,
yes, “we can all get along.”

The list goes on and on. I could literally write an encyclopedia of cold cuts,
but my limited time and space demand otherwise. Instead, I’ll list the most
popular and best-tasting cuts of meat. Surely I will miss someone’s favorite
cut, but don’t think that I don’t know your fetish. I’ve been around meat a
long time, so chances are I know your hidden treasure, too.

The Cuts:

Debrecínská sunka – A delectable thin slice of ham that’s large and round
with neat sprinkling of paprika

Kladenská sunka – The perfect breakfast ham is not too thick, with just
enough girth to get you through to lunch

Myslivecká (uzená) sunka – A divine blend of peppery granules that will
tempt you to buy another deset

sunka od kosti – The real man’s luncheon meat is thick and tasty without
pretense, fat and perfect with a nice dollop of the křen

Koleno sunka – Don’t freak out after learning that this big-boy surprise
comes from the knee, just dig in and enjoy the garlicky flavors that come with

Krůtí prsa – For all you weight-watchers and light taste lovers, this
fresh turkey breast is low in fat, high in taste and delicious with mustard
and cold lettuce

Rostbíf – Offering a nice taste similar to pastrami, this cheaper cut
goes well with cheese

Burgundská sunka – Yes, a little of this cultured French-style ham would
be nice with some Dijon, oui?

Medová sunka – Need I say more than “honey-baked ham”?

My picks for Prague 1:

n U Bírhanzlů

Vodičkova 1, Praha 1

Smack dab in the middle of the city, this meat shop prides itself on fast service
and full selection. Perfect stop for a roll and a slice before that power meeting.

n Jiří Pospíil

Na Pert''ně 11, Praha 1

This small, family-run shop near Tesco is one of the last grazing spots for
locals before you head into the menagerie called Old Town. A perfect stop for
some ham and rolls to be enjoyed on the benches at the base of Jan Hus.

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