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Part two of's guide to homemade cupcakeries

Further exploring cupcakes in Prague, Sweets ‘n’ Sins are another baking business that have been around for over two years now and dedicate themselves exclusively to cupcakes. Run by the duo of Kateřina and Andrea, it’s currently a part time venture for them with cupcakes only available online, as Andrea has recently finished studying Marketing and Kateřina concludes her Sociology studies at Charles University. The idea behind Sweets ‘n’ Sins grew mainly from Kateřina’s experience and knowledge, as Andrea admits to never having baked a cupcake before they started.

“Kateřina taught me from scratch,” says Andrea. “She had to give me seminars on how to do it and at the beginning it was quite hard. I had baked a little before, but not much.”

She adds: “Kateřina went to Barcelona and there were cupcake places everywhere. I went over to visit her and loved it, but there were none back home so we decided to start our own in Prague. It then took Kateřina about a year to create the recipe, after trying lots of different things, before coming up with the secret recipe we use now.”

That secret recipe includes staples of traditional cupcake recipes, with eggs, milk, sugar etc. and a little something special. They also do vegan and gluten free versions but ask for a few days advance notice to ensure they have the right supplies. Some of their most popular flavours are the fruit and chocolate ones and if someone has a special request they are willing to give it a go, having made green tea cupcakes in the past, with the flavouring in the icing.

“After visiting Barcelona we went out for cupcakes in Prague but we could tell they were either too sweet or too dry, so we wanted to start our own version and do ones that were healthy.”

At the moment they run online and do delivery within the centre of Prague but have plans to rent a shop sometime next year where they will bake, hand out deliveries and take orders. While it may be online only that doesn’t mean they sit baking at home.

“We were scared about doing our business from home so we legalised it and found a place to bake,” explains Andrea. “We both have friends who own restaurants so we use their kitchens when they are closed. We were really lucky as I worked in beauty magazines and people I worked with helped do our logo, website, put us in their magazines and invited us to their events.”


Using restaurant kitchens when they are closed means a lot of their baking is done in the early hours, and last year they had to make six or seven hundred cupcakes for the Art Image Change International and its huge gala event. They are able to do the icing elsewhere but for that many cupcakes it meant staying up nearly all night baking.

“Some weeks we are busy so don’t post as much on Facebook so we only get a few orders. When we are free we put a lot of offers out and more orders start coming in. This can range from three or four orders, about 60 to 70 cupcakes, to as much as 300 or 400 in a week. Chocolate, banana, apple and raisin, carrot, ginger and cinnamon are the ones we sell the most.”

They normally source the fruit from markets and when it was Halloween they created some special pumpkin flavoured ones. A minimum order usually consists of 12 big or 20 mini cupcakes but if they have a lot of orders in one week they can often stretch to six big cupcakes if people only want a few.

“The big cupcakes cost 30 CZK and the mini ones 20 CZK each, which we think is reasonable as muffins in McDonald’s are about 70 CZK and you don’t even think about buying one in Starbucks. When we have our own place we might have to put up the price as we’ll have to pay rent though.”

At the moment their website is only in Czech, although using the contact form or messaging through their Facebook page is easy enough to do, and they have plans to get into the international market in Prague. With Christmas coming up it presents them with a great opportunity too.

“We also do weddings and parties and will be at one of the Christmas Markets at Národní Třída every Sunday with Christmas cupcakes including Santa and Christmas tree designs.”

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