Interview with Brown Bag Burger owner Kiril Dodevski

Owner of Brown Bag Burger discusses popularity of Burgers in Prague and plans for 2014

1. Why did you decide to open Brown Bag Burger?

When I was co-owner and manager of Mirellie Restaurant, many of our regular customers asked me why I did not include a burger on our menu.  When we finally began serving a burger, it become one our most popular items.  I realized that Prague 6 really needed a dedicated Gourmet Burger Bistro.

2. Why do you think burgers are becoming more popular in Prague?

The image of burgers is changing in Prague.  As people are realizing that they can eat a burger made from premium beef and topped with fresh vegies on a locally baked bun, they are finding it not only tastes great, but is actually healthy food. 

3. Does the popularity and competition make it easier for you to open a new burger bar?

Our focus is first and foremost on providing top quality food.  We believe that if we keep that focus, we will be successful.  Our motto is simple:  “its all about the food.”


4. What are you doing to stand out from the other burger bars? Why should people come to you and not go to a different burger bar?

Easy…we focus on quality.  For example, we grind our premium beef in-house every day so that we can control the quality.  Our buns are baked locally according to our own recipe.  We use only the freshest ingredients in our chili and other sauces. 

5. Where do you get the ingredients?

We try to source as many ingredients as possible locally.  For example, we found a wonderful farmer here in the Czech Republic who raises top quality mushrooms which we use on several of our burgers, including our vegetarian burger which boasts an all mushroom patty.   Well…not all we serve is local.…we use Heinz catchup, which is made in Fremont, Ohio…but our guests love it. 

Kiril Dodevski (Brown Bag Burger)Kiril Dodevski

6. How are the burgers prepared?

We start our by grinding our beef every morning…that’s the key.  Then we slap them onto the grill and cook them to medium doneness.  Our goal is to get them from the grill to the table as fast as possible so our guests can enjoy them while they are still piping hot.

7. How important was finding a special beer to serve with the burgers?

We felt it was extremely important to serve quality small brewery beer with our gourmet burgers.  When serving quality food, you need to serve quality beer.  Many of our guests visit us because we serve such good beer.


  • 8. What's the most popular item on the menu?

    Our most popular burger is the BBQ burger.  Basted with our homemade Louisiana style BBQ sauce and topped with smoked bacon, caramelized onions, cheese and fresh lettuce and tomatoes.  Its awesome!


9. How did you get involved with the Pink Crocodile School?

I have been a volunteer cook at Pink Crocodile’s Annual Charity Tennis tournament for the past four years.  Brown Bag Burger now donates 2% of sales to help support the new Pink Crocodile School for special needs children in Prague 10.  We hope that other businesses will follow our example as the school has been life changing for these kids and can really use more support.  Please visit

10.   What are your plans and hopes for 2014?

Our main goal for 2014 is to maintain our high food quality.  Its all about the food!

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