New venture hopes to revive Braník’s historical beer brewing trade

Prague 4’s council approved a proposal to restore a brewery in the city’s Braník district

A group of investors are celebrating a successful meeting with the council of Prague 4 following their proposal to restore an age-old brewery in the city’s Braník district.

On 18 June 2014 the partners behind a new beer brand Zemský Pivovar, established in August 2013, met with Prague 4’s council who unanimously approved their plans for a long-term lease to construct and operate their brewery on the site of Braník’s Dominikánského dvůr.

Zemský Pivovar’s long-term lease of the site hopes to contribute to the regeneration of the Braník area and explore the possibility of building a small artisanal brewery, hotel and restaurant with a central courtyard open to the public and artisanal food and wine retailers. The company expects reconstruction of the site will take approximately four years, depending on the results of a comprehensive archaeological survey, and will cost around 200, 000, 000 CZK.

"I can confirm that we are seriously considering to build a small brewery on the Dominikánského dvůr premises,” said Pavel Prchal, Managing Director of Zemský Pivovar. “This area is an undeniably brilliant location, having been the site of a brewery from 1626 to 1899, and we hope to bring back to Bráník its historical craft beer trade with the brewing of Zemský Pivovar.

“In addition, we plan to build a restaurant and hotel and are planning more services such as a beer bath spa and small shops selling traditional Czech food.”

The council of Prague 4 stipulated that the investors should consult with the public of Braník as to their opinions on the proposal, and Zemský Pivovar invited people to sample their beer and learn more about the project on 23 and 26 June on the Dominikánského dvůr site itself. The public can submit their observations and ideas regarding the project up until 30 June 2014, though the investors behind the project report that the public reaction thus far has been very positive.

“Zemský Pivovar is not a chimera, but already a fully functioning brewery looking for a home. We have been searching for a suitable location for a year, and in the Dominikánského dvůr we think we have found it,” explained Pavel Prchal. “We are ready to implement it if the Braník citizens and council of Prague 4 are in agreement, and it is in our interests to have the Braník public accept and support our plans.

“In the coming months we look forward to being an active part of public life here in Braník as we successfully put the project into life, and while we are a commercial venture we are confident that Zemský Pivovar can be a positive addition to the Braník area and hope that we do not have to look at other potential sites in Prague.”

Zemský Pivovar is a new brewery formed by a mix of native Czech and expat investors that in its 12 months of existence has already been taken up by more than 50 pubs and restaurants in Prague. Zemské Pivo is a genuine, full-flavoured Czech beer bottom fermented in lager tanks.

In addition to this classic Czech beer, Zemský Pivovar intends to forge business relationships with internationally based flying brewers which will see global drinks like wheat beers, Indian Pale Ales and stouts brought to Braník so that local people and publicans can sample authentic world beers from talented international brew masters.

From this point onwards, Zemský Pivovar’s management team will be meeting at Dominikánského dvůr on a fortnightly basis to ensure that the residents of Braník have a platform for voicing their suggestions, questions and concerns and securing their proactive involvement in reviving and retaining the traditional heritage of the area.

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