Expats BBQ Bar - Your new home away from home!

An American expat has set up a new venture that will serve American-style barbecue

An American expat from the Midwest has set up a new venture that will serve delicious American-style barbecue food in a friendly and lively locale.

Sam DeTrent opened the Expats BBQ Bar, which is located at Oldřichova 5 in Prague 2, earlier this year and intends the venue to be a new hotspot where groups of friends looking for great food and beers and good music come for a fun evening out.

Sam, who has been living in Prague for the past eight months, found a home in the city after visiting it during his travels around Eastern Europe.

“I never really planned to settle here and open a bar and restaurant. It was really a random series of events that brought me here, but when I arrived in Prague I fell in love with the city – the atmosphere, the architecture, the beer,” explains Sam.

But one thing was missing – the American barbecue food he grew up eating in the Midwest.

“I missed this kind of food we eat over in the US – the ribs with sauce and the pulled pork and brisket – which are really quite difficult to find in Prague and the wider Eastern European region. This is really what inspired me to set up Expats BBQ Bar,” says Sam. “Back home, backyard barbecues are pretty much a weekly tradition where we get together with friends, watch a game, eat great barbecued food and generally have a good time at someone’s house – and this is the sort of experience we are trying to re-create with this bar.”

Expats BBQ Bar menu has three signature meats – brisket, baby back ribs and pulled pork.  They would rather concentrate on a few focused dishes that are cooked to perfection rather than offer a wide range of complicated cuisine.

All food is being cooked by newly hired head chef Keith Moore, a Californian expat who has lived in Prague for almost 24 years and formerly played for the Czech American football team Black Panthers. Though Keith is relatively new to cooking, he learned his trade from a reliable source.

“I have only really been a working chef for about half a year in Prague though I have other experience back in the states. My grandmother used to work as a chef at a sorority house at the University of Southern California and she would often let me help her, so I definitely learned some great skills from her early on … and I know barbeque quite well,” says Keith.

“A big thing with American barbecue is the sauce – in fact sometimes it is even more important than the meat,” explains Sam. “Our goal is to have three or four signature sauces that we make from scratch.”

But barbecued food isn’t the only thing Expats BBQ Bar has to offer its guests. It currently serves three tasty Svijany beers and hopes to eventually have around 10 beers on tap, a number of ciders and a range of whiskeys too.

It doesn’t end there though. The bar boasts a Rosengart foosball table which serves as the site of Thursday night foosball tournaments. A pinball machine and a wide range of sports games and events are shown on TVs inside including American football, Premier League matches and Formula 1.

Expats BBQ Bar’s interior space, which has capacity for approximately 40 to 50 people, is complemented by a 130 square metre outdoor courtyard which Sam hopes to develop with a big screen for showing games on warmer evenings and a DIY American-style barbecue operation. Guests will have meat brought to their tables which they then grill themselves with their friends, getting the full backyard barbeque experience (leave the mess for them to clean up).

What is perhaps most positive about the venture so far is the positive reactions that Sam has received from local residents.

“The building is in a great area next to Vysehrad but was formerly really quite run down and a bit of a black spot in the neighbourhood,” explains Sam. “But I think the locals are really starting to see the positivity we are restoring in the end we are already getting a lot of locals coming in for a bite to eat and a drink.”

“The groups we get in here are really quite varied though,” he continues. “I think we are providing a place that caters to locals – whether they are expat locals or native locals – we aren’t so much for tourists and people really seem to want the type of food we are serving. I’ve discovered Czech’s are quite good at foosball!”

Expats BBQ Bar offers it guests is the whole package – a relaxed and friendly place where people can come and let their hair down and enjoy food, drinks and fun with friends.

“We are never going to be a posh place – you won’t ever see chandeliers and fancily dressed folk at Expats BBQ Bar,” says Sam. “What we really want to be famous for is our barbecue food as that is what really spawned this whole idea. I think we’re already one of the best rib joints in the city and we’re looking forward to getting involved in local food festivals and really getting our name and food out there and proving we are here to doing authentic American barbeque.”

With further plans in the pipeline that include live music events and table top Subbuteo tournaments and an already occurring ‘2 for Tuesdays’ where all sandwiches are 1+1=2 all night, Expats BBQ Bar looks set to become one of Prague’s next great hotspots.

So get on down to Prague 2 and give Expats BBQ Bar a whirl – as the bar’s slogan states, you might just find ‘your new home away from home’.


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