Luxury coffee company opens new cafe

A coffee connoisseur has opened a new café in the heart of Vinohrady that acts as a degustation showroom for the company’s gourmet specialty coffees

Charles Fleer is the owner of La Boheme, a luxury coffee and tea brand that sources the finest beans from across the globe and sells its unique roasted coffees to the Central and Eastern European market via the La Boheme Café and its e-shop.

Charles established the La Boheme brand in 2005, becoming the first specialty coffee company in the Czech Republic, and travels the world working in close collaboration with coffee producers and farmers to ensure only the best coffee beans are used by the company.

La Boheme was originally looking to rent an office space and showroom for the brand when the team stumbled across what is now the La Boheme Café on Sázavská in Vinohrady and decided it would make a perfect café space where customers who want coffee that is a cut above the type normally found in chain coffee shops.

But La Boheme Café is more than just a café. Its beautiful interior - full of white exposed brick, sleek wood tables and sumptuous sofas – is more like a living room than a public space, and its upstairs area doubles as a ‘coffee laboratory’ where its experienced baristas select, roast and taste La Boheme’s unique coffees.

La Boheme bases its coffees around the high standards and systems set by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, an American organisation that in 1999 developed the Cup of Excellence trademark – a distinguished award that recognises the finest coffees from around the world.

Based on ‘cupping’, a professional method of judging the quality of a coffee by its tastes and aromas, La Boheme assesses the quality of coffee by a scale of 1 – 100 and currently serves coffees rated 85+. The café uses a number of alternative methods of brewing coffee including Drip, Chemex, Aeropress, Vacuum Pot, Japanese Cold Drip, French Press. La Boheme’s offerings aren’t just limited to coffee however – the café also serves a range of delicious teas and tea accessories.

What really makes La Boheme stand out from other coffee companies is its emphasis on quality and locating the best coffee beans – whatever the cost or however much travelling is involved in the hunt for the best. Hence Charles often spends a great deal of time jetting off the coffee growing regions around the world – from Ethiopia to Panama – establishing close relationships with farmers ensuring they are fully educated in the best growing methods and that coffees representative of different regions are sold via La Boheme.

La Boheme also offers lovers of quality coffee the opportunity to become connoisseurs themselves. Its skilled baristas will hold a series of public ‘cuppings’ where customers can come to La Boheme Café and learn how tastes and aromas come together to create the perfect cup of coffee.

So if you are looking for a cup of coffee beyond the typical lattes and cappuccinos, pop in to La Boheme Café where its friendly and educated staff will help you choose a coffee perfect for you.

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