Ladies Lunch, Bigwigs Brunch

Three brunch spots in Prague.

Soap may be touted as the yardstick of civilization, but how a people dine
is a much more accurate measure of their culture. During the week, we may rush
out the door to catch a crowded tram and grudgingly accept two chlebičky crammed
down our throats for breakfast, but on the weekend? We've got nothing but time,
nowhere to go, and nothing but relaxation on our minds.

Brunch is more than mimosas and Oscar Wilde witticisms among hungover friends.
It's about leisure, and there’s little that The Pill editors love more than
leisure. Here, three choice brunch spots. One, a newcomer. One, a little-known
secret. One, an old favorite.

Café Tulip

Opatovická 3 in P1

Tel: 224 930 019

Open weekdays 9-12+weekends 11-12+

Like the Globe around the corner, Tulip, the latest reincarnation of the Spaghetti
Factory space in the so-called SoNa neighborhood, goes out of its way to be
veggie friendly with a lunch menu that resembles a good American diner/café
with an international slant. Monday through Friday, breakfast hours are a conservative
9 to 11, but on weekends are expanded from 11 in the morning to 10 at night.
On Sunday, the kitchen offers a 155 Kč course in extreme brunching, with an
all-day all-you-can-eat buffet of fried eggs, sausages, bacon, yogurt, fruit,
cheese, quiches and cakes, fresh-ground Ebel coffee and pulpy juices. Grab one
of the lit mags lying around – Harper’s and The New Yorker are on the counter
– and make a long lazy Sunday out of it. - Alexander Zaitchik

Café Orange

Pukinovo náměstí 13 in P6

Tel: 602 775 054

This tiny little café is one of the many hidden treasures of Bubenec, the neighborhood
nestled between Dejvická, Hradčanská and Strom-ovka park. Orange begs for lazy
summer afternoons like a front porch in some Southern city, and this year they’re
adding Sunday brunch to the menu to help us get through the long cold winter.
The owner promises that the new, revamped kitchen will be fully operational
in time for NATO weekend and even slipped the Pill a secret menu proposal. You’ll
be able to wash down your mimosa with seven different internationally themed
meals, including honest-to-god flapjacks with pure maple syrup provided by Country
Life. You can also expect eggs Benedict and Belgian waffles. As of press time,
the prices hadn’t been decided, but the rest of Orange’s current offerings are
quite reasonably priced: the smoked salmon and garlic bruschetta both cost 59
Kč. - Micah Jayne

Radost F/X

Bělehradská 120, Tel: 224 254 776

You spent the night dancing downstairs there, now spend the afternoon casually
recovering upstairs with one of the most dependable brunch deals in town. The
90 Kč Belgian waffles are served with fresh fruit, whipped cream and cinnamon,
and most of the bagel-and-egg deals come with home fries. The coffee isn’t bottomless,
but at three or four cups included, you’re not likely to left wanting. You may
be pressured to leave by 5:00 p.m., when dinner begins, but the rest of the
afternoon is yours to wile away. - Jeff Koyen

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