Czech specialties: Svíčková - beef sirloin in cream sauce

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Prague.TV, in cooperation with, is happy to announce its new series of Czech recipes. No, we’re not turning into a cooking magazine, but we will be presenting you with easy instructions for making some of the most famous and traditional Czech specialties at home. And what better way to begin than with Svíčková? The beef-sirloin dish, cooked in a cream sauce and often served with a side of Czech dumplings, is available at almost every Czech restaurant in the country.

Enjoy cooking it yourself and bringing some Czech cuisine flair to your home!


Marinate cleaned, salted and peppered beef in lemon juice. Add other seasoning, chopped vegetables, the rest of lemon, and lightly drizzle with vinegar and melted grease.

Leave the meat in the fridge until the next day to marinate. Then wipe the meat with lard. Make slits in the beef and stuff them with bacon. It is good to cut the bacon in strips 7x7mm and get them frozen before for better interlarding. Interlard two strips of bacon in the middle of the meat with the grain and not against.

Fry The meat quickly on all sides to close the surface of the meat. It will hold the juice in the meat.

Make the base in a pot, and melt the rest of chopped bacon, oil, grease and chopped vegatables in small pieces. Fry the base to get a dark colour and strong flavor of seasoned vegetables for the sauce. When the colour is dark, put in sugar and wait till melted. Immediately add vinegar and cook for a while. After adding the meat and water, the meat must be totally immersed. Cook other part of seasoning separately to keep the intensity of flavor.

After an hour or longer (it depends on the quality and amount of the meat), it should be soft. To recognize if the meat is soft, the surface tells us and you can peel fibers of the meat. When it is cooked, take the meat out of the pot. Reduce the amount of the sauce as you wish, mix and sieve it. To thicken the sauce add jíška (melted butter with flour), but the sauce, due to vegetables, should already be a little bit creamy.

To get the final flavor add stock from the vegetables which we got during the cooking. At the end pour cream in and you can serve.

Usually served with bread dumplings, a slice of lemon, cream and cranberry compote.

Dobrou chuť

Ingredients for 4 people (dumplings not included):

Beef back 0,800kg
Pork bacon 0,040kg
Carrot 0,160kg
Celery tuber 0,160kg
Parskey root 0,040kg
Onion standard 0,240kg
Fat of pigs 0,032kg
Vegetable oil 0,010l
Dried bay leave 0,001kg
Whole allspice 0,001kg
Whole black pepper 0,001kg
Lemon 0,040kg
Vinegar 0,028 l
Sugar crystal 0,040kg
Salt 0,004kg
Cream 30% 0,080 l
Wheat flour 0,028kg

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