BBQ Pit Boys coming to Prague for Burgerfest 2015

Get your Barbecue Shoes on for BurgerFest because it will be guuud…!

There are many reasons to love autumn in Prague: cool breezes, fewer tourists, and, of course, Burgerfest! For the fourth year in a row, Burgerfest will host a two-day event dedicated to good ole’ fashioned ground meat. A host of local and international vendors, including the BBQ Pit Boys from the USA, will gather on September 19th and 20th to sell their personal variations on the classic burger. Prague.TV is again the exclusive English language media partner of the event, and we recommend arriving early: Last year, 45,000 people flooded the exhibition grounds at Holesovice, where they bought nearly 40,000 burgers!

In anticipation of this most carnivorous of modern Czech traditions, we chatted with the founder of the BBQ Pit Boys, Bob Ahlgren. Over 70, 000, 000 people in 100+ countries watch the BBQ Pit Boys’ YouTube channel. Its success is thanks in no small part to Ahlgren himself, one of only 14 official “YouTube Chefs” worldwide. Below, he shares a little of the BBQ Pit Boys’ history.

We’re thrilled to have Ahlgren and his fellow “pitmasters” at Burgerfest this September, and are even more excited to see you there!

The BBQ Pit Boys originated on YouTube in 2007 using the channel name BarbecueWeb. At the time, YouTube was known as “Who Tube”, because very few people knew of its existence. YouTube actually provided a free upload and the hosting of videos, which was essentially unheard of at the time.

How did it all start? At a good friend’s request on the west coast of the USA, who was living a good distance apart from me, I began producing about 1 bbq recipe video per week. I uploaded them to YouTube, so that he could watch how to do my recipes. The video was standard definition (SD) technology at the time, and using the slow dial-up Internet, it would often take 8 hours to upload a 5-minute video.. That was the best Internet technology had to offer. Nonetheless, it was free. And my good friend could now watch how I did my bbq recipes. Nice!

In about 2008, I began using the name BBQ Pit Boys and launched the domain and Website Over the coming weeks some of my good friends began participating in production of the bbq vids, using cheap cameras, lighting equipment from the local hardware stores and editing with $99 software. No fancy, high cost equipment was required. Just good food and fixings for the grills and smokers.

After about 1 year, and a couple of dozen BBQ Pit Boys videos later, I was approached by YouTube and asked if I’d be interested in becoming a YouTube Partner. It turned out that some employees at YouTube were watching my videos and quickly became fans of the BBQ Pit Boys. At the time, I had no clue why someone would be interested in watching my bbq vids, but I agreed to become apPartner, not really knowing what that meant.

Several months later, I received a payment from YouTube for a few dollars. It turned out that YouTube gave me some small change $$ for the amount of views my bbq videos were getting. Not much, but shocking. I was actually getting paid for the online storage of my bbq videos. And, better yet, it helped pay for the beer while shooting the vids.


Because YouTube was now promoting the BBQ Pit Boys, we began receiving many emails and messages from viewers around the World. Many had the same passion about BBQ and grilling as we did, and they encouraged us to make more bbq videos so they could learn our technique. And because of their many kind words, we kept making them. From Beef Brisket, Spare Ribs, Pulled Pork, Venison, and Alligator to Steaks, Burgers, and Whiskey Pies, we showed them how “real easy it is to do” on their own Pit.

How did our chapters start? In 2008, and on a whim, we decided to offer our fans a BBQ Pit Boys Pitmaster Certificate for their dedication and support. Fans quickly started signing up and sending us their pictures with their BBQ Pit Boys T-shirts on which we just started selling by popular request. Today, we have registered over 5,500 BBQ Pit Boys Chapters around the world that share ideas, recipes, and smoking and grilling techniques. Our common purpose is to support the international brotherhood of good food, good drink and good friends.

It’s as simple as that.

Recently, the BBQ Pit Boys have traveled internationally, to Toky,o Japan, and Taipei, Taiwan, to meet our chapters and fans. The great food festival called BurgerFest that takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, is on tap for September of this year. Here, we expect to meet many of our BBQ Pit Boys chapters and Pitmasters throughout Europe. And of course, to meet many new ones. Here, we look forward to celebrating the epic sandwich called the Burger. We have produced for our channel and website over 40 variations of this iconic food, and in our opinion there is no other grilled food that compares as well. Can you smell that? It smells guuud..!

Get your Barbecue Shoes on for BurgerFest because it will be guuud…!

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Burgerfest 2015 will take place September 19th and 20th, 2015, at the Exhibition Ground in Holesovice - For more information please visit or Burgerfest 2015 on Facebook.

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