Bow your head to Fidorka, the King of Czech chocolates.

Bow to King Fidorka

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yep, we know. This country has “the best beer in the world.”
Just pipe it in over downtown loudspeakers and hand illustrated leaflets to arrivals
at passport control. But the Czech Republic’s other claim to greatness is worth
its own propaganda campaign. This is Opavia’s not-so-secret sugar cookie superweapon:
the white chocolate Fidorka candy sphere. You listening, Zurich? This is the
best chocolate bar in the world
, easy to site at distance by its tightly-wound
gold foil wrapper (the base of which resembles the geometric perfection of the
seashell) and constant nationwide nice price of 8 Kč. Everytime you open one of
these things you feel like you’re searching for the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s
Chocolate Factory.

But here’s the beauty: with this little circle of joy, everyone is a winner. The
great white Fidorka is the classic Opavia chocolate wafer – made and sold most
famously along Vary’s spa row – triple-stacked and covered in medium-hard, butter-cream-colored
white milk chocolate.

Chill and serve with milk or beer for a no-nonsense, perfect-payload dessert.

Or crush and sprinkle on a chocolate syrup-covered sweet-loaf for the best birthday
cake ever.

Or how about this one for the kids:three scoops of vanilla ice cream surrounded
by banana chunks and a jagged half-moon-shaped Fidorka sticking out the side.

For the party people in the house: Cover your Fidorka with dough, fry, then sprinkle
lightly with powdered sugar and dip in Nutella.

Vegans are out of luck because Fidorka is dairy, but for the veggies: Melt a Fidorka
in a frying pan (when using a microwave always remove the foil) and dip cooked
artichoke leaves into the gooey goodness for a great starter. You just can’t go
wrong with these things. My favorite:the menage a trois. Two Fidorkas sandwiching
chunky peanut butter.

Fidorkas come in non-white flavors too, but they are so outclassed by the Great
White that one wonders if the marketing people at Opavia are snorting their own

Pill Flava Rating: off-the-hook goodness.

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