Czech Winter Beers

Ask at your local pub for a winter beer special to warm you up and energize you through the cold winter months

Czechs are known to be experts in beer-brewing so it is no surprise that they brew special beers in winter that hit just the right spot. Generally winter beers high a higher percentage of alcohol as well as degrees: darker and sweeter beers will warm you up and energize you through the cold winter months.

Permon - Winter Ale: An American pale ale style beer with 5% alcohol and 13°. This beer can be sampled at the Malešičký microbrewery or ordered online here. Permon is brewed in Sokolov, a town in the West of the Czech Republic, close to the German border. While the company was founded in just 2006, it has been very successful and exhibits 1,500 liters of beer a day.

Mr. Albi Winter Special: A light beer with 5.1% alcohol, a golden color and a scent reassembling white wine. With a softly bitter aftertaste, this special beer is prepared similarly to those in Belgian breweries. This beer is brewed by Chodovar, which originates in Chodová Planá in the west of the Czech Republic near the German border. The winter special beer is just one of four limited edition beers; the others are Mr. Albi Easter Special, Mr. Albi Dark Lager and Chodovar Roller.

Sedici Byk (Sitting Bull): An American IPA style beer with 7% alcohol and 17°. It is one of the strongest IPAs and is names after the chief of an Indian tribe Sioux. This beer is made by the brewery Hastrman, brewed in Velký Rybník near Karlovy Vary. While the brewery is young, having been founded in 2005, they have a wide selection of beers.

Puškvorecový Special
: The calamus (a preparation of the aromatic root of the sweet flag herb) special is also brewed by Hastrman. The calamus is known to have healing properties and this light, non-filtered beer with 5.7% alcohol is great for digestion, weakened immune system and is good for the general health.

Sváteční ležák (Holiday lager): A light non-filtered beer with 4.8% alcohol prepared with honey, cinnamon and cloves. This beer is also brewed by Hastrman. Lager beers are prepared at colder temperatures and use bottom-fermenting lager yeast. There are three main types of lager beers: pale lager which is the most popular type of beer in the world, Vienna lager which has a distinct amber color and dark lager.

Vánoční Bock (Christmas bock): A light non-filtered beer with 5.8% alcohol, brewed again by Hastrman. Bock beers are traditionally brewed in Germany. Bocks are mainly popular during spring and have a dark color varying from reddish amber to a dark brown.

Fabiána světlý zimní special: A light beer with 6.8% alcohol and 15° brewed in Hostomice pod Brdy, a town located South-West of Prague. It is made out of saaz hops and barley malt using the bottom fermentation technique. The dark gold color and slightly herbal smell are likely to tempt you to try this special winter beer.

Winter Special IPA
: An Anglo-Saxon type of 14° beer with a honey-color and thick creamy foam. This beer brewed by the Chalupník brewery in Pernštejn is made with specially flavored hops important from America. Pernštejn is located South-East of Prague and the young Chalupník brewery was founded in just 2013.


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