Caribbean Queen Slides into Prague

A night of Caribbean dining courtesy of new catering company Karibe

Sun, we are without. Sea, we have none to mention.

Our taste buds crave something of the exotic and that thirst has now been quenched.

Enter Karibe, a Caribbean catering and dinner-at-home service that caters to those in the know. Angelique Clarke, master cook and lover of food, invited Prague TV and its significant others to their opening party, to sample some of the island spice.

Drunken Satay (a nutty blend of rum-and-peanut-liqueur-soaked chicken skewers), Tostones (banana family staples, crisped to perfection), and Cream Crab Dip (you got the tangy tip) acted as cannon fodder for the eve.

Owner and dedicated food fanatic Clarke gave a full description of the food with a swift translation that gave guests a reason to want to get involved.

A Jamaican who has lived all over the world, Clarke says that one of her reasons for coming to the Czech Republic was to open the palettes of the locals to the flavors of the Islands. All her chefs are native to the Caribbean and all ingredients come from the UK, home to the largest Caribbean population outside the Americas.

Carribean dishesThe main course was a combination of West Indian Curry, Jerked (in the most civil of ways) Chicken, and Pescado con Coco (salmon baked in coconut milk) and a tangy lemon/lime, mint, cilantro, cucumber and cherry-tomato salad. The event was supplemented by the deep reggae and salsa sounds of singer and front man Vincent Richards of Švihadlo and the bar was "husty”.

Mojito after mojito was divvied up and the atmosphere was delicious.

Our host, Angelique Clarke, is a newcomer to Prague, but no newcomer to food, and it’s the food that inspired me to write this.


How often do we sit at home and wonder what to eat, unable to leave the fifth floor with no lift? Ask no more: Karibe delivers, catering to those who yearn for good food but don’t feel like moving.

The premise of the company is to bring the Caribbean to the Czech Republic. I will not try to be their spokesperson, as that is what advertising is for but I must give props where props are due.

Karibe is a new company that aims to please those that feel the need for divine tastes, incorporating flavors like cilantro, lime and pimento. Their aim is simple: To provide good service, great food and a feeling that you got what you deserved.

Time will tell how well the company does, and the pricing is definitely aimed at those who can afford to splash out on fine dining. The key is quality and Karibe possesses plenty.

Get irie and get fed well.

The delights of Karibe are available for 2 to 40 people and require at least 48 hours notice. Larger parties require more time. Reheating and serving instructions come with all meals.

Mobile: 721 541 934 (English), 605 424 691 (Czech)
Telephone Hours: 09:00 – 19:00 Mon - Sun
Email: [email protected]

-- Chi Chi Tornado

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