Fast Food in Prague

Prague has a variety of international fast food options

Like any large city, Prague is always bursting with tourists, business professionals and students who are constantly in motion. Fast food is an integral part of modern society, providing on-the-go meals for those too busy to sit down and eat. As an international city, Prague has a variety of international fast food options.

Express Sandwich: Offering a wide choice of sandwiches, salads and daily lunch menus that boast quality, fresh, healthy and fast meals. With a restaurant on Anglická street and delivery possibilities anywhere in Prague.

Bohemia Bagel: Bohemia Bagel first opened in 1996 and was one of the only places in Prague to get quality American-style bagels. A popular breakfast place offering bottomless coffee and currently has two restaurants: Bohemia Bagel Bar & Grill in Holešovice and a Bohemia Bagel Cafe in Malá Strana. 

Burrito Loco: A Mexican fast food chain that first opened on Masná street in March 2012 and now has five locations: at Strossmajerovo náměsti, Anděl, Národní Třída and Hradčanská. The menu offers burritos, quesadillas, tacos, nachos, chili and more.

Havelská Koruna: A typical Czech fast food offering everything from dumplings and potato dishes, soup, sweet lunches, salads and several beer on tap. When you first come in you get a card and the whatever you get is recorded and paid for at the end on your way out. A unique experience, surprisingly cheap for it's location just five minutes from Můstek. 

Nordsee: A globally popular fast food chain, Nordsee offers a wide variety of fresh seafood as well as popular meals such as fish and chips. There are two restaurants in Prague, one in Palladium and the other on Vinohradská street.

MyWay Döner Kebab: A popular fast food boasting a real Turkish taste comparable to kebab joints in Germany. Offering both typical gyros, wraps, healthier salad options and more, MyWay Döner Kebab is located in Prague 6.

Pho Vietnam: Popular for their large filling soups, Pho Vietnam has a Bistro near Jiřího s Poděbrad and a restaurant on Anglická street. The Bistro is very small with a few standing tables and there is always a line full hungry customers, primarily expats.

Running Sushi: A popular type of restaurant offering all you can eat sushi on a conveyor belt, sometimes two. Offering cold and hot dishes, all sorts of sushi, sashimi, fried chicken, shrimp,fruit, sweet deserts and more. The two popular chains include Makakiko Sushi found in Nový Smíchov and Palladium shopping malls and Baifu Sushi with four locations in Prague 2, 4 and 6.

Polevka je Grund: A Czech fast food place offering large soup meals as well as small soups: there are always broths as well as creamy soups available. Locatec near Karlovo náměstí, Polevka je Grudn also offers other typical Czech dishes including schnitzel, dumplings, french fries and more.

Beas Vegetarian Dhaba: A popular Indian vegetarian place offering a self-service buffet rich with food options. Most of the food is bought by weight with cheap extras such as bread, sushi, spring-rolls and falafel as well as exotic drinks. There are eight restaurants in Prague, three of which are in Prague 1.

Paul Bakeries: A popular bakery with a rich history, known for it's delicious and colorful macaroons, delicious baguettes and selection of hot and cold drinks. Paul has 15 restaurants, cafes and stands in Prague.

Bageterie Boulevard: Offering a selection of baguettes filled with a variety of meats, cheeses and even fish, Bageterie Boulevard first opened in 2000. With 15 restaurants in Prague with at least one in every district from Prague 1 – 10 and in other Czech cities.

Currywurst Brothers: With a selection of curry wurst with french fries and/or bread and a spicy option. Boasting high quality and a traditional taste, Currywurst Brothers is located behind Kotva at Náměstí Republiky.

Schnitzel King: Offering a variety of schnitzel menus including regular, filled with cheese and ham and even a schnitzel burger. The restaurant, located in Zizkov, also offers regular burgers and a selection of Mexican quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos with delicious sides of guacamole, salsa, pinto and more.

Pizza & Gyros “Kotva”: With a great selection of pizza as well as gyros with three daily specials as well as a regular pizza menu. Opened for almost 10 years now, Pizza & Gyros “Kotva” has 11 choices of 32 cm pizzas offered for just 130 CZK.

If this list still doesn't cause your mouth to water, there are always the globally popular chains such as McDonalds, KFC, Burgerking and Subways that litter the entire city. In addition to these chains, many metro stops have stalls offering pizza, kebab and pastries.

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