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A new lease of life for the little part of Ireland in Prague

17:59, it must be Guinness time in this home away from home Bar and Grill. J.J. Murphy’s, located at the Malostranská side of Prague 1, has become a regular haunt for many people across the city. Ex-pat and none ex-pat alike are regular business for this newly refurbished establishment, a clear sign that J.J.’s is rising through the ranks each day that goes by.

After travelling around Europe once he had left school, J.J.’s owner, Derek Irwin spent some time in Prague, realising he was drawn in by the city he immediately sought out a job. He landed a job working in another Irish bar and as time passed by, Derek worked his way up the ladder of bar work gaining valuable experience in various positions along the way. 16 years later, Derek owns J.J. Murphy’s and can put all of this experience to great use to create the bar he wants to run. He was told by the previous owner (who he worked for through the 16 years), “One day it’ll be yours”, and he wasn’t wrong.

From the beer through to the events that take place there, emphasis is put on this being a bar for people from all walks of life and not just for the ex-pat community here in Prague. From travellers to new settlers, people working or just here on a holiday, all are welcome. The bar staff are mainly made up of ex-pats from across the world which adds another dynamic to the great service you will get as everyone has a story to tell to make you feel more at home.

There is a new lease of life injected into the general atmosphere of the bar after its full refurbishment, something which Derek puts a lot of emphasis on. With the walls painted, a new kitchen fitted, new sofas in the sofa lounge (which can be rented for events) and brand new bathrooms fitted, J.J.’s is looking in form and set to attract a lot more customers. The reasonable prices of the alcohol and food served at the bar attracts a lot of customers. From wherever you are in the world fear not, there is a varied menu with something for everyone on there. From fry-up breakfasts to Sunday roasts you can’t go wrong, especially with great deals on all of the meals, just check out what is on offer on the website - www.bestirishbarprague.com – for more details. Or check out their Facebook page – JJ.Murphys – for upcoming events.

Let’s not forget the coverage of sports that J.J.’s has to offer on the big screen. Living up to its Irish roots the bar shows Gaelic Football and Horse racing, the Cheltenham Festival is a big crowd pleaser in the bar. Alongside this there is also football, Champions League, Premiership, Euro 2016 and Bundesliga are just a few of these competitions on offer. And who could forget the 6 Nations with every game on the screens at J.J.’s. The upstairs sofa lounge of the bar can also be rented out for events which makes this a good place to get a part started. The bar itself also holds its own events such as Karaoke and there is also the small matter of St. Patricks Day, do you need a better excuse to have a beer?

“I never forget a face”, Derek claims, just ask regulars Deb, Jason and Nick who visit Prague annually and always come to J.J.’s knowing they are going to get “consistently good” service alongside great food and drink. “It’s our home away from home”, Nick tells me with a smile on his face. They aren’t lying either as they have been coming here for 4 years. Jason then turns to me and tells me “this is our Mecca every time we are in Prague”. They come in regularly for meals and just as they leave they approach Derek at the bar to reserve a table for their dinner in the evening, a good sign? I think so.

It is this kind of interaction with the customers which J.J.’s prides itself on and hopes to continue this throughout the long life of the bar. With Embassy’s close by such as the US Embassy, J.J.’s is a popular destination. The relationship built during visits by customers from these embassies continues long after they have finished their work in Prague and upon returning to Prague on holiday many of these customers walk straight back through the door. This is the sort of business which owner Derek is trying to build with JJ’s and hopes to continue to expend in the coming years. It is an exciting time for J.J. Murphy’s, something other Irish bars should take note of.


Address: Tržiště 266/4, 118 00 Prague 1 - Malá Strana

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