The Spot — Making Prague Your Home

A café in Vinohrady seeks to be a haven for expats in Prague

A cozy café and community center in one, The Spot offers expats a place to make Prague their new home.

The Spot, located in Prague 2–Vinohrady at Chodská 22, strives to integrate expats not only with each other but also with Prague locals. Visitors to The Spot are given the opportunity to chat over a cup of coffee, breakfast or lunch, all day long. Hoping to make expats feel more comfortable while living abroad, The Spot also provides resources, to facilitate a smooth transition for expats into Czech culture and specifically into the city of Prague.

The co-owners and co-founders of The Spot, Petra Štádlerová and Ondřej Abrahámek, have formed a partnership between and PraguExpats.

As a result, The Spot offers a dynamic environment where they assist expats to assimilate into Prague life. PraguExpats, with its office located in The Spot, is available to help customers navigate the difficult process of getting visas, permits and filling out other confusing paperwork.

Petra previously worked with PraguExpats for five years and started The Spot with the vision of creating a place to bring clients and enjoy free time with them. She says that The Spot “offers a more homey and less official” atmosphere.

“If you want to be less official it’s nice to have a place where we can go and drink coffee with the clients,” she said.

“Marketingwise it’s really nice to have an expat bubble where you just hang out with expats, but I also recognize that it’s nice for the expats to learn something about Czech culture,” she added.

For this reason, The Spot hosts numerous free events such as beginner Czech lessons twice a week, a variety of social gatherings including a form of speed dating, quiz nights, labor courses and workshops designed to help expats begin their new life in Prague. For example, on June 25 there will be a workshop addressing how to find a job in Prague. The workshop will include important information such as what you need to do to be legally employed as an expat, along with less official topics such as how you should structure your CV and what you should wear to an interview.

In addition to these events, The Spot holds free Czech movie nights (with English subtitles, of course), art exhibitions and musical events from both local and foreign artists.

Petra states that The Spot started to host these different events, such as the Czech movie nights, to educate expats on Czech culture. “They are just Czech movies, so you can hear the language and watch Czech classics,” she said.

The Spot also has a small library of books that it encourages its customers to take, read and return freely, along with a collection of brochures containing information on different things to do and places to visit throughout the Czech Republic. A piano sits in the café, serving as a place where customers can come play for free and further enjoy each other’s company.

The Spot is more than just a place to come enjoy a cup of coffee or a good meal, it’s a place where you can learn about Czech culture and the city of Prague, while meeting new people.

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