The Ultimate Guide to Local Liquor - Fernet Citrus

Not-so-bitter Fernet Stock Citrus

Fernet Stock has become a cult of sorts, and under certain circumstances you may feel social pressure to drink along–even if “exceptionally bitter, exceptionally good” for you just means “way too bitter.” Don’t want to drink Fernet but don’t want to be a wussy either? Well, there’s a way out.

Fernet Stock Citrus is a relatively new entry on the liquor market aimed specifically at those who don’t like it bitter. This means not only is there no tradition connected with it, there are also no other major competitors as the recipe was developed and patented by Stock. Despite this and a massive marketing campaign accompanying it (dancing lemons –“the best ride on ice...”) Citrus has quickly become a popular liquor, first within the local yuppie circles which are usually the first to be hit by advertising, but soon also with pretty much everyone else as kind of a universal alternative. These days you will find it not only in pubs, cafés and clubs, but also in secretaries’ bottom drawers and housewives' cupboards.

Fernet Stock Citrus is best served chilled in a shot glass, or in a whisky glass on the rocks. The taste is mildly sweet with a lemon twist and a bitter background which will remind you that this is indeed a Fernet Stock. As a matter of fact the taste is so well balanced that this is a truly universal drink. With its 30% of alcohol this is for everyone over the legal age – men and women alike, not too sweet, not too bitter, not too strong. As with most sweet liquors, however, a hangover from Fernet Stock Citrus can’t be recommended since it takes more to get drunk in the first place.

Since this is a new entry to the market, there aren’t any traditional mixed drinks involving Fernet Stock Citrus. However, pouring a shot into a glass of tonic water produces results which are similar and just as good or better than bavorák. For those who want to experiment here is a long drink recipe from Stock’s official web-site: Apple Stock – take a long glass, put in some ice, pour in a shot (4 cl) of Fernet Stock Citrus and fill up with apple juice. Decorate the top with some cinnamon. Skol.

—Felix Neumann is usually wasted at [email protected].

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