Prague Cake Festival slated for September

All manner of treats will be available for those with a sweet tooth

Who wants cake? This question seldom gets a negative answer. Fans of cake have a special opportunity to meet up and sample their favorite food group. The second annual Prague Cake Festival will be held Sept. 17 at Hotel Pyramida from 10 am to 8 pm.

The organizers have selected some of the best purveyors of not only cakes but also pies, muffins and cupcakes. Visitors will be able to experience hundreds of flavor combinations and new trends in desserts. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free offerings will be on hand for those who favor such things.

Some 25 pastry chefs will be at the festival with favorites such as red velvet, chocolate and cream cakes. The organizers also stress the international aspect of the festival, which will have Austrian sachertorte as well French specialties like eclairs and macaroons, American- and British-style cakes, Russian treats, and Czech “little coffins” and tiny tips (rakvičky a špičky). New trends will include cane sugar donuts, hand-decorated gingerbread, brownies, cakepops and Japanese frushi.

Cupcakes have been a hot topic and will certainly be present, with a variety of cake flavors, fillings and toppings. People will have a hard time choosing a favorite from among all the varieties.

“Coffee and cake” is a common phrase, so there will be some coffee from top roasters available as well as real fruit juices and carbonated beverages. A side program will offer opportunities to decorate cakes and cupcakes and make pralines. There will be some competitions for sweet prizes and some children's activities. Aside from tasting samples, people will be able to buy cakes and treats to take away.

The English word “cake” is thought to have its roots in the Viking word “kaka,” but the concept is much older, with roots as far back as ancient Greece and Rome, if not further. The Greeks had a type of cheesecake and fritters. The Roman poet Ovid mentions a sort of birthday cake.

Advance tickets for Kč 200 are available in advance from, and they will be Kč 250 at the door. These allow entry from 10:30 am. VIP tickets can be bought in advance and cost Kč 370. These allow entry from 10 am and also include 12 tasting portions. There is a discount for seniors and students.

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