Vinobraní season is upon us

Prague has wine festivals throughout September

Most of big fall wine events are in Moravia, but for those who don't fancy the trip there are several festivals throughout the city. For some you can walk around and look for free, others have an admission charge that may or may not include some wine samples.

The festivals all feature a number of vendors selling bottled wine and usually wine sold in bulk from taps. You can also get burčák, or young wine, which is grape juice that is just starting to ferment. While the alcohol content is just about 4 percent, similar to beer, it is quite deceptive. It tastes like juice, so it is easy to drink a lot of it. And because the fermentation process isn't complete it comes with a mean hangover from the natural chemicals related to alcohol production.

Popular festivals are Vinobraní na Grébovce, which takes place at náměstí Míru and Havlíčkovy sady, which has a large urban vineyard. Prague Castle and Troja, which both also have vineyards, draw a lot of people but tend to be a bit touristy. Vinohradské vinobraní at náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad draws a lot of local people and has some bands to listen to.

For people who want a day trip out of town, Karlštejn Castle has a big festival with a lot of side events on the program. The town is easily reached by train, so you don't need to drive.

Vinobraní V edenu
When: Sept. 9, 1–9 pm
Where: Eden shopping center, U Slavie 1527, Prague 10
(admission fee)

Vinobraní na Střeleckém ostrově
When: Sept. 10, noon–10 pm
Where: Střelecký ostrov

Trojské vinobraní

When: Sept. 10, 11–8 pm
Where: Troja Chateau
(admission fee)

Vinobraní sv. Kláry
When: Sept. 10–11, 11 am–7 pm
Where: Botanical Gardens near Troja, Sv. Klára
(admission fee)

Vinobraní v klášteře
When: Sept. 11, from 2 pm
Where: Domov sv. Karla boromejského, K Šancím 50/6, Prague 17–Řepy
(voluntary admission fee)

Vinohradské vinobraní

When: Sept. 16–17, noon–10 pm
Where: náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad

Vinobraní na Pražském hradě

When: Sept. 17–18, 10 am–6 pm
Where: Královská zahrada (Royal Garden), Prague Castle

Vinobraní na Grébovce

When: Sept. 23, 2–8 pm; Sept. 24, 2–10 pm
Where: Sept. 23 at náměstí Míru; Sept. 24 at Havlíčkovy sady

Kunratické vinobraní

When: Sept. 23, 4 pm–10 pm; Sept. 24, 10 am–10 pm
Where: Za parkem, by Tvrz Kunratice
(admission fee)

Vysočanské Vinobraní

When: Sept. 23 from 3:45 pm, Sept. 24 from 11 am, Sept. 25 from 1 pm–7 pm
Where: Vinice Machalka, Pískovcová 738/7, Prague 9
(no information on admission)

Karlštejnské vinobraní
When: Sept. 24–25, from 10 am
Where: Karlštejn Castle and village
(admission fee)

Svatováclavské vinobraní na Pražském hradě
When: Sept. 28, 11 am–6 pm
Where: St. Wenceslas Winery and Villa Richter at Prague Castle, Staré zámecké schody 6/251
(admission fee)

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