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Prague TV's choice tips for summer dining

Finally the gong of summer has been whacked, and the time for frolicking and mischief is upon us. Long, hot nights lend themselves to relaxing and socializing outside rather than in.

For after all, we have the whole, long, dark, and decidedly bleak winter to huddle around in smoky, cramped hospodas. Where can one go to find good food and drink on a pleasant terrace? Of course with summer comes the rush of tourists and thus bad service so we have listed a few of Prague’s better outdoor eateries that don’t involve multi-lingual, map wielding crowds.

There are many different garden-laden venues, and by no means are these the best. However, the list below ensures that unless you live in Haje, Zličín, or any other end-of-the-line stop, you will find one close enough to warrant a visit.


Restaurace Nebozízek

Na Petřín (Halfway up Petřín hill, take the funicular or walk)
Praha 1
Tram: 12, 22, 23 (Stop: Hellichova)
Tel. 257 315 329

Great view of the city with standard Czech fare. The key to this place is after you've walked up the hill and the sweat has caused that stinging in your eyes, the beer will taste like the best ever poured.

U Bubeníčku

Myslíkova 8
Praha 1
Metro: (Line B) Karlovo náměstí
Tel. 224 813 964.

A small garden but excellent beer and Czech Hospoda staples. Cheap and cheerful is the tip here.

Na Kampě 15

Na Kampě 15
Praha 1
Tram: 9, 22, 23 (Stop: Újezd)
Tel. 257 531 432

Hospoda entrance and garden is much cheaper

Mon Ami

Roháčova 20
Praha 3
Tram: 5, 9, 26 (Stop: Lipanská)
Tel. 222 780 808
Update: Roháčova's garden is closed at the moment. There is outdoor seating at the second Mon Ami in Vrsovice

A beautiful little garden opens up in the summer. Good Budvar 12 degree and the best Balkan food this side of Sarajevo. The Cevapcici are not to be missed as is the Pleskavice. For Vegetarians there are a number of good pastas and pizzas to choose from.

Mezcal latino bar & restaurant

Jugoslávská 18
Praha 2
Metro: (Line A) Náměstí Míru
Tram: 04, 10, 16, 22, 23 (Stop: Náměstí Míru)
Tel. 224 250 559

You would never know that there is a garden here but then POW, there it is. Wicker gallore and bamboo constructions make this place a cool break from the hot asphalt. The food is very good with reasonable prices and good portions. Personally I recommend the spinach and salmon soup with some tortillas for lunch.

Čínská Zahrada
Šmeralova 11
Praha 7
Tram: 1, 8, 25, 26 (Stop: Letenské náměstí)
Tel. 233 379 656

Situated between Letna and Stromovka parks, Čínská Zahrada offers you the Asian outdoor option. Explore the huge menu, but of particular note are the complete menus for 2,4,6, or 8 people. It is a lot of food from all over the menu and the price is signifigantly less than ordering a la carte

Na Verandach

Nádraží 84
Praha 5
Metro: (Line B) Anděl
Tel. 257 191 200

Always packed with locals, Na Verandach's bonus is the beer. This add on to the Staroprámen brewery guarantees you great beer at reasonable prices. The food is heavy on the meat side so vegetarians take note.

Na Zvonarce

Šafaříkova 1
Praha 2
Metro: (Line C) IP Pavlova
Tel. 224 251 990

A great place for spritzers (Střík) after that big meeting. Medium priced meals and a large outdoor terrace make this a favorite for the ad execs in Prague 2.

Terasý Mánes

Masarykovo nábřeží 250
Praha 1
Tram: 17, 21 (Stop: Jiráskovo náměstí)
Tel. 224 931 112

Prague's Manes Gallery has tables overlooking the river. Beer is slightly expensive and the staff can often be a little negligent in the old school hospoda kind of way, but who cares? It's a beautiful day. Relax and stop taking shit so seriously.

Restaurant Renthauz a Nad Úvozem

Loretánská 15/177
Praha 1
Tram: 23 (Stop: Pražský hrad)
Tel. 220 511 532

Standard Czech fare at slightly higher prices than the center is made up for by the great view of the city. It's a tough walk up to this place in the Summer, but after you see the castle it makes for the ideal pit stop.

Letna Park
Praha 7
Just across from the Narodni Technicke Muzeum and next to the Tennis Courts
Tram: 01, 08, 25, 26 (Stop: Letenske Namesti)

The best Pilsner in Holesevice. Air taps ensure that even Krusovice 10 degree tastes good. Simple Czech fare prepared well and the fantastic beer along with good service makes it an easy place to lose an afternoon without food.

Letna beer garden
Praha 7
Tram: 01, 08, 25, 26 (Stop: Čechuv most)

A Prague institution-come-holy shrine is one of the greatest places on earth to sit on a beautiful afternoon.

Riegrovy sady

Praha 3
Tram: 11 (Stop: Italská)

Here's something for all of you living on the "other" side of the river. Just a note as was so wisely pointed out by one of our viewers, P.P., if you are allergic to or just hate dogs, perhaps this is not the spot for you. The beer garden abounds with multiple breeds and sub-species of man's best friend, so, if you prefer cats, try Kampa park.

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