Ginfest is back

News of the festival is tonic to some people's ears

The Czech Republic’s second Ginfest has returned with gin enthusiasts encouraged to attend to sample an extensive array of gins on show from all over Europe. Visitors will have the opportunity to spend the afternoon of Feb. 25 tasting established brands as well as lesser-known gins for special prices. Various brands of tonic will also be available.

Ginfest will be held at DUP36 on Národní třída, a historic multifunction venue in the heart of the city. Furthermore, food and DJs will be present to ensure your mind isn’t totally preoccupied by gin.

This is the first time Ginfest has been held since 2014, having undergone a hiatus, but the spark of life gin has experienced in this country led the revival.

“Gin is experiencing a great renaissance in the world and our country,” says Martin Kraut, Barlife editor and Ginfest organizer.

“The category of imported gin in the Czech Republic has grown by 23 percent per year. Our market keeps bringing new brands. [It is] experimenting with flavored gins and creating new tonics for the perfect combination of gin and tonic. That's why we decided to reorganize Ginfest to help the public to become experienced with the current offer,” he said.

For those perhaps unwilling to sample gin on a Saturday afternoon, information about the history and manufacturing of gin can be found in seminars. People can discover, for example, about the atypical botanical elements that can be used in gin, or where gin gets its taste from. The seminars will be held in Czech but for those unfamiliar with the language there is plenty to keep you occupied otherwise.

If you attend you’ll be able to select from more than 35 brands of gin, as well as tonics from eight exhibitors. Also available for the first time is OMFG 2017, a limited edition gin made by Czech distiller Martin Žufánek.

Ginfest is organized by Barlife, a B2B beverage magazine published since 2004. Barlife is a bimonthly magazine aimed primarily at gastronomy and mixology. It was named by beverage data provider IWSR as the best magazine about the alcoholic beverage business in Central Europe.

Tickets are already on sale and can be purchased at For more information visit

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