Czech Cider Festival

Over 80 samples of artisanal ciders to taste at the seventh Czech cider festival

The opportunity to taste cider at its very best is available at 7pm on March 9 at the MeetFactory in Smíchov with more than 80 samples of cider on show at a special festival.

There will be more than 40 Czech amateur and professional small producers introducing fresh and archived samples of various ciders. The popularity of cider in the Czech Republic in recent years has been growing and growing with the demand for the beverage constantly on the up with new manufacturers making sumptuous new flavours. Show organizer Andy Kopička of Winepunk promises that nothing but honest cider will be on offer.

"Often also those who begin cider fermentation make a mistake and eventually what they’re making turns it into a carboy cider, which they then want to share, "says Ondra Kopička

"Every year, the show will feature ten to twenty professional producers, which reflects the rising popularity of cider on the Czech market, "says Andy Kopička.

The Czech cider show is a great opportunity for consumers to start discovering their favourite brands and flavours. There will be pear ciders, cherry ciders as wells as strong and weak cider while similarly bitter and sweet ciders. Different manufacturers have different methods on brewing cider and you will be able to find out everything there is to know about making cider.

Apple as a national treasure

"Smaller producers like us make our cider from traditional Czech apple varieties such as reinettes or Belle de Boskoop. That's why our cider tastes different and more genuine than the products made by big manufacturers. Often they have a different flavor and come from two different batches, "reveals the secrets from Frunc Andrew F.H. Prager.  “This parade is famous now and also on show is the award-winning honey flavour that is one of a kind. Furthermore, thanks to special methods, without the use of preservatives, we can make delicious cider" he adds.

Czech Cider Festival
MeetFactory, Thursday, March 9 from 7pm


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