Zubr wins at 25th Pivex beer awards

The beer awards gave out a special award for best brewery of the past 25 years

The annual Pivex Gold Cup competition this year recognized Zubr and Litovel, each winning in two categories. The competition was held in Brno for the 25th time. Zubr was also named best brewery in a special award to mark the competition's silver jubilee.

The Pivex Golden Cup has been organized since 1992 by promotion agency Snip & Co and by Brno Trade Fairs (BVV). The expert referee is Research Institute of Beer and Malt (VÚPS). The first round of the two-round contest for bottles takes place in November and the second in January or February. There is one round for kegs. The results are announced at the beginning of March.

Originally, Pivex was a beer exhibition held in Brno, but the exhibition ended in 2000. The competition has lived on as a stand-alone event. “In this year's 25th edition of the Pivex competition the total number of entries in all categories still ranks among the most numerous. For bottles there were 40 brands and for kegs the jury assessed 36 beer brands under the supervision of a notary,” said Jiří Morávek, general director of Snip & Co.

A special prize for Pivex Brewery of the Quarter Century was given to Zubr for topping the charts the most between 1992 and 2017. “Zubr again confirmed the quality of its beers that have long been appreciated not only professionals but also consumers,” the brewery said in a press release. The Zubr brewery is in Přerov in the Olomouc region. The brand name refers to European bison.

Zubr also won first place in light lager for Zubr Grand and in light draft for Zubr Classic. The best dark beer was Litovel Drak. Drak means dragon, and isn't a typo for dark. Litovel also won for Litovel Pomelo in the mixed low or nonalcoholic category. It is a citrus-flavored nonalcoholic beer. Birell polotmavý, or semi-dark, was the best nonalcoholic beer. Birell is made by Radegast.

For kegs, Velkopopovický Kozel 11 degree won in the light lager category. Bernard won for light draft and Dobřanská Hvězda 12 degree won among minibreweries.

Pivex Golden Cup 2017 (Zlatý pohár Pivex)

Light lagers (Světlé ležáky)
1. Zubr Grand
2. Gambrinus Plná 12
3. Litovel Premium and Radegast Ryze hořká (tie)

Light draft (Světlá výčepní piva)
1. Zubr Classic
2. Litovel Moravan
3. Zubr Gold

Dark beer (Tmavá piva)
1. Litovel Drak
2. Lobkowicz Premium černý
3. Litovel Drak premium

Nonalcoholic beer (Nealkoholická piva)
1. Birell polotmavý
2. Lobkowicz Premium nealko
3. Birell

Mixed low alcohol and nonalcoholic beers (Míchaná nízkoalkoholická a nealkoholická piva)

1. Litovel Pomelo
2. Birell polotmavý citron
3. Litovel červený pomeranč

Golden Keg 2017 (Zlatý soudek 2017)

Light lager (Světlé ležáky)
1. Velkopopovický Kozel 11
2. Starobrno Drak
3. Krušovice 12

Light draft (Světlá výčepní)
1. Bernard pivo nefiltrované světlé výčepní
2. Radegast original
3. Holba horská

Minibrewery light lager (Minipivovary světlé ležáky)
1. Dobřanská Hvězda 12
2. Zlatá labuť světlý ležák (Zvíkov)
3. Brněnská jedenáctka

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