U Templáře

Good, cheap Pilsner and an Old Town location don't make up for abrupt service and an abrasive clientele

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This combined pub and gambling bar (herna) probably sells 4,000 liters of beer per month - the amount necessary for a brewery to sponsor you as a tank pub - to the same 50 or 60 people.

Upon arrival we were asked to join another table. Fine. But the one we chose was already reserved and the people sitting there were also asked to move after having been there for who knows how long.

The entire place had about 15 people in it, with four out of six huge tables reserved for people who came 90 minutes late. The waiter, whom I'd secretly renamed "Spaceman Skunkman" due to an outrageously poor choice in coiffure, was fairly quick with the pivo but was more interested in getting back to his inextinguishable cigarette at the bar. He was not interested in pleasing any customer whose ass he hadn't already seen on "Ass Night" the week before.

This pub is for Czechs. It is not foreigner-friendly and carries no frills. English is not used here, let alone horribly butchered Czech from an obvious foreigner. The general impression is abrasive, but it would be possible to enjoy this place as a regular. Two things are going for it: Location and Price. Yummy beer in Prague 1 for that price can’t be beat.

Drunk Sparta fans were in abundance, and a drunk Angolan who spoke perfect Czech gave us two large coffee mugs connected to a container of instant coffee with fresh cinnamon sticks and a mini grater all tied together to make up for his drunk friend propositioning my girlfriend right in front of me.

To top it all off, the "reserved" table ended up being for about 50 American and British tourists, who all arrived complaining about something in loud flagrant voices. Amazingly, they were all served within five minutes, adding a few points to U Templáře's overall score, only for those to be taken away, plus some, when at 10:30pm Spaceman Skunkman ambled over and asked for our last order. At 11:00 sharp the lights went out and we all left. Eleven!


I wouldn't come back here again, unless I was looking to pick a fight or get heckled in terrible English by some drunken jerks who should have gone home after their tenth beer.


Pilsner Urquell: 26 CZK


Hostinec U Templáře

Masná 17, Prague 1

Phone: 222 325 296

Metro: Náměstí Republiky (line B)

Tram: 5, 8, 14 (stop: Dlouhá třída)



Beer Temperature: 9 out of 10

Cold and delicious, as always, but served in a mug with a warm handle, slightly offsetting the tactile pleasure of holding a fresh pivo.

Atmosphere: 5/10

Abrasive, cramped, narrow, and very smoky. Gambling machines were in dangerous proximity of all people inside.

Food: N/A

None, unless you count the gum stuck underneath the table.

Culture & Friendliness: 6/10

One word comes to mind: annoying and perturbed. I mean two words. Shit, three…

Service: 6.5/10

Quick and minimal. Maybe, uh, informative?

Bathrooms: 6/10

Dirty and broken, but functional and with plenty of space between each urinal. (It smelled oddly like a toy store from my youth in there.) I figure the women's was just as bad.

Garden: N/A

No garden or outdoor seating.

Cleanliness of Taps: 7/10

Moderate, but actually I felt too uncomfortable to approach the bar for a close inspection.

OVERALL: 6.6 out of 10


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