Prague.TV introduces new Premium Partner HOPIN Taxi

No need to register - only 3 simple steps away from your next taxi ride!

HOPIN taxi joined Prague’s other taxi applications in May 2015. The idea behind the company originated in 2012 in Slovakia but reached full speed in 2014. Currently, about 100,000 rides are ordered in Bratislava each month, and the goal for Prague is even higher. HOPIN was the first taxi application in Slovakia, which contributed to its success – but how does it differ from the other services available in Prague?

There are several advantages to HOPIN including no need to register or to enter a final destination. This means that all you need to do is install the app and order a taxi – there is less hassle such as filling out your name, contact and credit card information. You just order a car, and you don’t need to worry about knowing your final destination until the car arrives; but there’s no problem if you want to enter it already.

It is also possible to search for a taxi based on criteria such as languages spoken, driver’s gender, type of car or maximum price per kilometer. It’s also possible to request a non-smoker. Payment is possible by cash or card. Finally, taxis have a quick arrival time with an average of three to four minutes, and HOPIN allows direct communication with the driver.

However, there is also a quick option if you just need to order a taxi and your only concern is that it comes quickly. All it takes is just three clicks and a car will be on its way. Another possibility is to zoom out on the map and click on any car, which will bring up the driver’s information, rating and price. This way you can choose the closest car with just a click.

While waiting for the car, it’s possible to call the driver or even text them directly through an integrated messenger. This is useful if you’re going to be a bit late and want the driver to wait, or if you found a better place to meet, for example, a spot where the car can stop easily without creating a dangerous situation on the side of the road.

Another perk is that it’s almost impossible for a customer to hire a bad driver or a car that’s dirty and not well-maintained. This works because drivers who violate any rules are automatically blocked. Prior to registering, HOPIN makes sure to check each driver’s car. Most drivers are hired on the basis of recommendations by other drivers.

Newly a premium partner of Prague.TV, HOPIN is hoping to expand their services in Prague. Currently there are around 250 HOPIN drivers. Most taxi drivers using HOPIN are regular taxi drivers as well. The goals for Prague is to reach 100,000 orders each month, which is more than Bratislava receives.

Quality checks are two-sided: customers rate the drivers, who in turn can rate customers. If either side gives a one- or two-star rating out of five, they will never be paired again. Multiple bad ratings mean that the driver or the customer would be blocked from using the application.

The phone app is available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. You can find out more about HOPIN taxi on their website, which is available in English, Czech, Ukrainian, Slovakian and Slovenian

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