Uni-úklid offers more than cleaning

Pet sitting is one of the extra services a local cleaning company offers

One cleaning company in Prague offers a little more — pet care, in addition to the typical cleaning services. Clients who go on vacation no longer have to worry about who will look after their dog or cat (or other pet), or face having to put the pet in a kennel. A professionally trained caregiver can visit and look after your pet according to its needs.

Cat sitting is the most popular, with dogs coming in distant second. If the pet has health concerns, the sitter can also be in touch with a veterinarian. Pet sitting can be done anywhere in the Czech Republic, and prices are agreed to on an individual basis.

Having someone come to the pet's normal home to look after it helps to reduce the level of stress the pet experiences. The pet will be in its familiar surroundings with its regular schedule as well its familiar food and toys.

People are reluctant to give their pets over to just anyone. Most Uni-úklid clients begin by using the cleaning service, and once they determine that the company is reliable, they then opt to add the pet sitting services when they need them. The pet sitting, of course, can be ordered without any cleaning contract.

The company has high standards. Uni-úklid's cleaners and pet sitters are at least 18 years old, and go through a special company training course and background check before they can be sent to customers. The company also carries insurance against any cleaning accidents, but so far it has not been needed.

Most of the customer's cleaners are women, but the company does have two men which go to the best customers as they are the most diligent. Cleaning fees are based mostly on the time it takes, but some items like windows cost extra. There are also differences in prices based on whether the customer's own equipment is used or not.

The typical customer wants cleaning twice a month, and can get the same person to clean on a regular basis.

Some customers use the service after home renovations, and it can take up to four times to get rid of all the dust as it settles. Simple dusting usually doesn't do the job, and it can take a professional to finally get all of the residue.

A final touch the company offers is cleaning advice. Customers can get free guidance on what cleaning products to use and how to use them for different types of cleaning problems. While it seems like a small thing, it can help people save a lot of time and money, and prevent expensive damage.

A typical customer is a mother with children, and a husband that works, or couples where both parents work and do not have time for cleaning. The company is looking to expand, especially in the expat market. Some 15 percent of the customers are men, and most of them are expats.

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