Christmas trees don't belong in garbage cans

People should put trees next to mixed or sorted waste containers

Now that the holidays are ending, it is slowly becoming time to take down the decorations.

The city is asking people to discard their Christmas trees next to containers for mixed waste or recycling, and not to put them in containers or bins. This makes it easier for sanitation workers to collect them after the holidays. Some 300,000 trees are collected every year from the streets by sanitation companies.

The time after Christmas presents Prague waste management services (Pražské služby) with an increased load. Proper handling of Christmas trees can help to relieve the situation, according to City Hall.

Prague's sanitation services will collect disused Christmas trees throughout January and February. Fir and spruce trees will go to a specialized firm to be processed further and used as fuel. Dirty or improperly cleaned trees that still have tinsel or other decorations will be processed with mixed waste and sent to an incinerator.

Artificial trees are not discarded so often, but if someone wants to get rid of such a tree, it should be taken to a collection point and not put with mixed or sorted waste.

Pražské služby a.s. (CZ)

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