UNYP partners with Sparta Floorball

The partnership is meant to be a win-win for both institutions

You can already see the name of Sparta Floorball’s new partner on the male elite team’s jerseys. “Floorball is a fresh, energetic and popular sport that builds character. We feel it is a good source of inspiration for our student body,” University of New York
General Manager Sotiris Foutsis says.

UNYP’s partnership with Sparta Floorball will also support the junior and youth teams.

The main reason for partnering with Sparta was to maintain and strengthen UNYP’s Prague roots. “We wanted to find a way to connect our students to Prague, and we felt that the sponsorship of the Sparta Floorball teams was a great way to accomplish it,” UNYP Marketing Director Mark Anderson explains .

Sparta was chosen over other teams. “The Sparta athletic association is a Prague icon and brand. As a floorball team, they are smart, well-educated and respectable, so the connection just makes sense,” Anderson says.

There are several advantages to the cooperation. “Our university will be the official partner of the junior, youth and male elite teams. We hope that the long-term relationship will be beneficial to UNYP students as well – in a normal sports sponsorship, it’s all about the money and logo, but this is more of a true win-win partnership. Their players will be given an orientation about UNYP so they can understand their new partner and speak to the benefits of having the university as a partner, while UNYP students will also be introduced to Sparta in their orientation. We want to support each other. We are also excited to announce that the male elite team players will be working with UNYP to build our very own UNYP Blazers Floorball team,” Anderson adds.

The University of New York in Prague generally has a very proactive relationship with sports and fitness. “We strongly believe that a fit body makes a fit mind. As part of their studies here, all UNYP students are provided with free gym membership and pool access. Additionally, we have our very own UNYP Blazers football and basketball team. So we have a long tradition in supporting sports for our students, and we look forward to integrating this partnership further to provide even more opportunities to our students,” Anderson says.

Jiří Krejča, the president of the floorball club ACEMA Sparta Praha, said he was very glad that his long-term friendship with Anderson has helped them to achieve this cooperation. “Mark is a tough negotiator, but at the end we found a way to make this partnership happen. The contract was signed for one year, and will be extended if both sides are satisfied. I really hope that UNYP will become a long-term partner of our club – as floorball is a student sport, a partnership with a university makes a lot of sense,” Krejča said.

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) was established in April 1998 in cooperation with the State University of New York, New Paltz, and the State University of New York Empire State College. It offers students the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized American bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York. UNYP also works closely with its European sister college, New York College, in Athens, Greece. UNYP is the largest English-language higher education institution in the Czech Republic.

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