Hybernská 4 to become education center

University lectures for the general public will be offered in the space

The complex of buildings in Hybernská 4 will become an education center. The Philosophical Faculty of Charles University will create a 21st century school here.

Starting next year, lectures for the public should be available on the premises. A project called Hybernská Alive (Hybernská ožívá) began in March with a Week of Diversity and is set to expand.

“Thanks to the Hybernská Alive project, we have started to revive parts of the building, which has been completely empty and decaying for several years, but that's not all. Within five years, there will be something completely new and innovative there,” Philosophical Faculty Vice Dean Pavel Sitek said, according to daily Pražský deník.

The goal is to create an environment that will allow the building to combine teaching, art, and science, he added. “In short, it will be an interface between the academic community and the public,” he said.

The Philosophical Faculty is trying to open its teaching to the general public starting next summer. “We want to move some lessons to this facility and open lectures for ordinary citizens. We will see how it works; we'd like to get the most out of the summer semester,” Sitek said.

He added that the public is most interested in lectures on antiquity, film, and theater. The lectures might also encourage more people to pursue higher education.

By 2022, the building should become a modern university space for the public to think, work, create and have discussions. The Philosophical Faculty has created a working group to deal with innovations in education. The group has university representatives and people who have been trying to reform Czech education.

Some floors in Hybernská 4 are waiting for repairs and the building needs extensive restoration, but parts are currently usable.

The building is divided into several parts. A space in the rear of the building is being used for lectures, films, and exhibitions. Two floors in the front house have had festivals such as the LUSTR Festival of Design, Czech Design Week and Prague Coffee Festival. Part of the Signal festival of light art took place there. A library of things, where people can borrow tangible items such as sporting goods and kitchenware, is also located there.

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