Anglo-American University Establishes Brand New Legal Institute

This new Institute within Anglo-American University bridges the gap between law studies and the professional world

With a new year comes new developments at Anglo-American University, this time with the establishment of the all-new AAU Legal Institute under the auspices of the John H. Carey II School of Law (JCSL) at AAU.

This new Institute within Anglo-American University bridges the gap between law studies and the professional world, allowing law students to gain real-world experience in their field under the supervision of established lawyers, and giving businesses and organizations access to the bright young minds developing at JCSL.

“It is our goal that the new Institute will go great lengths in strengthening our students' abilities to use their University of London Common Law education across many jurisdictions by giving them practical skills through opportunities to work with a diverse group of partners, including law firms, businesses, non-profits and more. Moreover, the Institute will be a foundation for not only law students, faculty, and alumni, but anyone in the greater AAU community, to connect, collaborate and drive innovation in the many legal areas that impact business and economics, in Prague and abroad, by creating an incubator for startup businesses and entrepreneurs looking for guidance across legal jurisdictions.”

Carollann Braum, Associate Dean of the JCSL and Director of the AAU Legal Institute.

The founders of the Institute believe that training new lawyers to use critical analysis and creativity in problem-solving, while at the same time understanding the needs, demands, and complexities of different jurisdictions and cultural situations will enable them to be leaders and innovators in law and business. It is hoped that the establishment and future development of the AAU Legal Institute will enable AAU to grow as a recognized hub for economic cooperation and business development between Central Europe and Common Law countries.

Carollann Braum, Associate Dean of the JCSL has taken the temporary role of Director for the AAU Legal Institute but will be naming a successor to take the Institute forward in the near future. She expresses her appreciation and thanks to the instructors, students, and alumni who collaborated in this major project to make the founding of the AAU Legal Institute possible. It wouldn’t have been possible without them!

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