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Get to know the Czech education system

Like their Austrian and German neighbors, many Czechs attach an academic title to the beginning or end of their name, indicating the type and level of university education they've completed.

Here are a few examples:


Bakalář (Bachelor)
Undergraduate degree in any subject other than medicine or the arts.

Bakalář uměni (Bachelor of Arts)
Undergraduate degree in the arts.

Magistr (Master)
Post-graduate degree in the humanities, natural sciences, law, security, chemistry or theology.


Magistr umění (Master of Arts)
Postgraduate degree in the arts.

Inženýr (Engineer)
A postgraduate degree from a technical school. Equivalent to an MA or MSc.

Ing. arch.
Inženýr architekt (Engineer of Architecture)
Postgraduate degree in Architecture.

"Medicinae Universae Doctor"/Doktor medicíny (Doctor of Medicine)
Doctoral degree in medicine. Equivalent to an American MD.

Zubní lékař (Doctor of Dental Medicine)
Doctoral degree in dentistry.

Doktor veterinární medicíny (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
Doctoral degree in veterinary medicine.

Doktor práv (Doctor of Law)
Postgraduate law degree necessary for lawyers judges.

Doktor filozofie (Doctor of Philosophy)
Not to be confused with a Western PhD. Roughly equivalent to an MA in Humanities.

Doktor přírodních věd (Doctor of Natural Sciences)
Postgraduate degree in the natural sciences. Equivalent to an MA or MSc.

Doktor farmacie (Doctor of Pharmacy)
Doctoral degree in pharmaceutical medicine.

Doktor (Doctor)
Doctoral degree in any subject other than theology.

Doktor teologie (Doctorate of Theology)
Doctoral degree in theology (except Catholic theology).

Licenciát teologie (Licentiate of Theology)
Degree in Catholic theology.

Kandidát Věd (Candidate of Science)
Equivalent of a Ph.D. in all scientific fields. No longer awarded but still recognized.

DrSc. or D.Sc.
Doktor věd (Doctor of Science)
The highest science degree awarded. The DrSc. is no longer awarded and has been replaced by the D.Sc.

Equivalent to the title of Associate Professor or Lecturer.

Profesor (Professor)
Senior academic.

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