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It's not too late to start learning Czech - here are some tips from our friends from Empire - The Know-How Institute.

Living abroad can be a struggle – a different culture, a new environment, and the unfathomable challenge of oral communication. Learning the language of ones surroundings is the key to settling in and understanding the specific nuances of the local culture. Your Prague.tv correspondent was asked to leave a bar in Letna a few days after moving to Prague for not saying “Dobry den” upon entering, but that was during another decade. Knowing the language brings to light the cultural aspects of the society. The offer for language courses is enormous and it is difficult to choose the right one. So let’s take a look at what one should look for:
To begin with, the word language originated from a Latin word ‘lingua’, which also means tongue. It’s no surprise the way to learn a language is via tongue movement, i.e. via speaking. It is the key element, as most of the language you use locally is spoken. The course should therefore use time wisely and let one speak as much as possible. Practise is often best found by seeking a local speaking significant other. Historically this has been the most successful combination for language learning success.
It’s also vital for the lessons to be conducted in the language one is learning. While learning Czech, one should be completely surrounded in a Czech-speaking environment: full language exposure. This makes the learning even more efficient. An occasional English explanation is fine, but the point is to practise and learn Czech. No pain, no gain!
A great language course should also provide goal-setting. If the course should make sense, success is usually achieved by mastering a chain of accomplishments to reach the ultimate goal. – e.g. during the first two months one should learn to make use of common social phrases, to ask for directions in the city and to talk about what likes or dislikes. The course should then measure whether the goals were reached. One can and should continuously practice – which is easy when living in country.
Learning a language in the correct manner is also one of the features for consideration. If one learns to speak with mistakes, it is much harder to avoid them in the future. So, the teacher should give students opportunity for correction, or assist with correcting errors. Also, a mistake is a gift to the class – it’s an opportunity to learn more. 
Finally, the teacher should provide a motivating environment through their personality and the way the lesson flows. One is much more likely to be motivated and continue studying when looking forward to each lesson. Learning can be fun for everyone.
Prague.tv works with Empire, having the best learning concept for students. This is what modern language learning should be. The teachers motivate the class to achieve the best results through enjoyable lessons and efficiently learning Czech. Goals are set to make sense and monitored regularly. Czech language is spoken from the beginning with each class, thus the whole group is immersed in the language and rather than becoming loco, living like a local! 

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