Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Combines Education, Research & Practice

Charles University in Prague opens a prestigious course in computer science in English

Amalgamating centuries-old traditions and advanced science and research, Charles University in Prague, founded as early as 1348, offers education in sciences and humanities to almost 54 thousand students from both the Czech Republic and abroad. Its 17 Faculties offer numerous Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. study programmes in English. Beginning from the next academic year (2013/2014) the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University, which ranks among the most renowned and powerful scientific and research institutions in the Czech Republic, opens a prestigious course in computer science in English, including three-year Bachelor's and two-year Master's study programmes for students from all over the world.

To study in the historical city of Prague, both in historical and new university buildings with modern equipment and up-to-date curricula, is very attractive. The University in general and its Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in particular have a lot to offer, among other things research, which is an integral part of its activities and is carried out by a great number of excellent research teams that maintain intensive co-operation with outstanding research institutions at home and abroad, including such prestigious ones as CERN, and join in many European and international programmes and projects.

Asked why he highly regards the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Professor Vladimír Matolín, head of the Department of Surface and Plasma Science, says:

“The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics is a top class academic institution combining high quality teaching with breakthrough research at international level. Graduate and undergraduate students are actively involved in scientific work not only through their diploma and Ph. D. thesis but also thanks to their active participation in research teams carrying out both national and international scientific projects. Joining research and education gives the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics a remarkable character of a university research institution. Lower number of students relative to Technical universities represents in turn a major benefit, as it offers young scientists unprecedented possibilities to travel abroad and join foreign research groups worldwide and get actively involved in the research. Students interested in studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics would have an advantage to be gradually involved in internationally recognized research even from early stages of their studies which privileges them in consecutive search for competitive and high-quality career.“

Professor Jaroslav Nešetřil, head of Computer Science Institute of Charles University, agrees:

“I believe the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics is one of the great institutions in the area of mathematics, physics and more recently computer science. It covers essentially all main areas of mathematics and in view of today's specialisation this is a unique feature. It blends the history and excellence of Charles University with some of the most rapidly growing recent lines of research and education”.         

Jaroslav Nešetřil regards coherence, experience, critical mass as the greatest potential and the most important positive features of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. He stresses that young people from both the Czech Republic and abroad can take advantage of its “…universality and variety, easy access to researchers in most areas of mathematics and computer science; excellent educational style at all levels of curricula; the faculty interested in education and with extensive experience; the location in central Europe with an easy travel to most European centres of research; many active collaborations with foreign institutions; extremely active scientific life in some areas.”

Jiří Dolejší, head of the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics describes the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics as “a calm force”, functioning quite well, with ever increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

”The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics is a place in the Czech basin where a group of very capable people has met and thanks to its reputation they continue to meet there. International co-operation is absolutely natural in our science and it was fostered even before 1989, although it was oriented mainly to the east at that time. Thanks to it we have a chance to participate in top projects and by doing so to make sure whether all we do is up to adequate standard. As a result we do not suffer from any inferiority complex but at the same time we are well aware that there are still some reserves. Our topics often require co-operation of many gifted individuals as well as support from other helpful, although not necessarily stellar members of staff. Simultaneously co-operation is needed with senior experienced and very knowledgeable experts and also young fresh minds capable of learning quickly and finding new methods. Our results prove that such teams do work at the departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University. Sound and productive scientific environment is an inevitable prerequisite for high quality teaching and for students to join in scientific work early.”

Find out more: http://prague.tv/articles/education/chrales-university-study-computer-science-english

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