Study Authorial Acting at DAMU / Prague - 2 year MFA opening for 2015/16

Application Deadline April 30, 2015!

The Authorial Acting Program at DAMU comes out of the humanist and dialogical traditions. It views performance first and foremost as creative public behavior. We cultivate creativity of body and of mind in real-time by exploring acting through the lenses of different disciplines – this includes theatre performance, but students are also encouraged to go beyond traditional forms of theatre, crossing boundaries and drawing on personal experiences in fi elds like education, social work, psychology, and visual arts.

Studies: Authorial Acting students are guided towards becoming creative personalities – capable of making and standing by their own authorial solo and group work based on their own personal themes. Students gain experience in key tools of human expression: voice, speech, movement, writing, and Interacting with the Inner Partner (IwIP), but also in philosophy, psychology, theater history, dramaturgy and acting. Studies take the form of weekly classes regularly supplemented with intensive workshops with accomplished pedagogues, theoreticians, and artists from our department, the Czech Republic, Europe, and beyond.

Afterwards: Because our goal is to cultivate self-confi dent, creative personalities, graduates’ profi les and employment tends to be very diverse. Frequently they work as authors / creators of their own projects of a theatrical, visual, literary, or other nature; some fi nd work in media. Graduates also often work in a variety of pedagogical professions, from youth theaters to universities – often teaching psychosomatic disciplines in the Czech Republic and abroad. Some continue their studies in Ph.D. programs.

History: The Department of Authorial Creation and Pedagogy at DAMU was founded by Professor Ivan Vyskočil, renowned actor, writer, psychologist, and educator, a prominent fi gure in Czech absurd and small-forms theatre of the 1960s. His IwIP is a unique, holistic, psychosomatic, self-dialogical training process, one of the department’s core disciplines.

Contact: Howard Lotker, Program Coordinator – [email protected]

Read more about authorial acting:

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The Application Deadline is Approaching:  April 30, 2015!

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