Study with Anglo-American University in Prague - part 2

Aldin Muhovic, AAU International Relations student

Adi is a Bosnian-Czech in his second year at Anglo-American University in Prague (AAU) on the International Relations program. Whenever there is a chance to improve something at AAU, whether it is building a stronger school spirit or making sure that students‘ interests are heard by the administration, Adi won’t be far away. When Adi is not “on duty” he enjoys watching movies, playing chess or going to galleries and concerts.

Why did you choose to study IR in Prague?

I chose to study in Prague because of its renown and affordability. Another factor in making that decision was Prague’s ideal location in the heart of Europe which makes travelling around the Continent very simple. In addition to being close to other European capitals, Prague itself provides plenty to explore, with beautiful baroque and neo-classical architecture, rich cultural life, and great culinary experiences.

What were your first months studying at university like?

Pleasant and enjoyable thanks to the many activities the university offers to the students. The faculty and staff at AAU are always helpful and cooperate with the students on solving any problems that might emerge.

How do you enjoy the international environment at AAU?

I believe that being in an international environment is key to studying international relations. That is why AAU is the perfect choice for prospective IR students or for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in an international environment. But I have to warn you—after being exposed to such an environment, nationally homogeneous groups become rather mundane.

You are a member of the Student Council. How would you describe that experience?

It’s a rewarding but a very time-consuming one. Being in the Council, I get to organise and help organise many events for the students, communicate their problems or ideas to the faculty and staff, and fight for the best university experience for them. However, if you are not one to easily take responsibility on yourself and put a lot of extra energy and time into the school, I wouldn’t advise you to run in the elections.

Prague is known for its wild nightlife and streets full of bars and pubs. What did the nightlife mean for you?

Prague has become world-famous for its nightlife scene, and there is good reason for that. It doesn’t matter if you’d like a crazy night out in clubs that stretch over several stories, or a quieter night with a glass of wine and a live jazz band in front of you. There is something for everybody.

Do you think that extra-curricular activities are important for students and what would you recommend freshers when considering joining or starting a club?

Join clubs; participate in as many activities as possible. As a club president, I can only recommend starting a club, if you feel there isn’t one that suits your interests. It is a fairly easy process, and the Student Council is there to guide you through it.

And lastly, what advice would you give anyone considering studying at AAU?

Make sure you do the research about the programme you wish to enroll into. It is not difficult to change your programme, but depending on how dramatic a change it is, it might not be a smooth transition. Then to all the prospective students: talk to your dean or assistant dean. They are all incredible people and they’re always there for you to help with anything.

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