Study with Anglo-American University in Prague: Kristýna Franková

Kristýna Franková, AAU Business Administration student

Kristýna is a third year Business Administration student at Anglo-American University in Prague (AAU). Good company, a suitcase and her GoPro are probably the only things she needs to survive!. Apart from dancing and travelling, she loves writing, video editing and knows her way around social media.

Why did you choose to study Business Administration in Prague?

I had an introductory business class at high school and I liked the idea of learning how to run a business successfully and therefore I decided to pursue this at university. In future I would like to run my own business. AAU seemed the best fit for me as it allowed me to study in English, to pursue my desired education and yet stay close to my family.

How do you enjoy the international environment at AAU?

I was studying in China at an international high school, therefore being around people from different nations is something I have grown to love. Having teachers and classmates from different countries helped enhance the learning experience as each nationality brings something new to the discussions - which I enjoy tremendously. At AAU this is exactly what I am experiencing every day.

One of your semesters you spent as an exchange student at Murdoch University in Australia. What was it like?

Having the opportunity to study abroad in Australia confirmed that studying at AAU was a good choice. Being an exchange student at Murdoch was a completely new experience. The University takes a great care of all the exchange students: organizing venues, trips, extracurricular activities on a weekly basis. In those 5 months Australia became my third home and I have gotten to know myself even better.

What do you think of Prague? How do you enjoy living in Prague?

Prague is the city of opposites and that's why I love it. One side is represented by the ancient history and beauty of the picturesque streets and the other by a combination of great music and endless nights in Prague’s nightlife scene. Just the right place for students making the best of their newly gained adulthood.

Do you think that extra-curricular activities are important for students and what would you recommend freshers when considering joining or starting a club?

Extra-curricular activities are a great way of making new friends and it is good that AAU has been supporting progressively more of these student-run efforts. I was a member of the Student Council during my freshman year, however I had to discontinue my involvement because of a job offer, which took most of my free time.

And lastly, what advice would you give anyone considering studying at AAU?

I would recommend to prospective students to go carefully through the program descriptions and make sure that they are getting themselves into the right path. Getting closer to the end of my BA studies I yet again have to confirm that AAU was a good choice for me. The courses and teachers provided me with solid knowledge that will help me in achieving my career goals. 

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