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Red Bull Can You Make It? 2016 - Interview with Julie a member of Czech team Summer Day

Julie, a member of Czech team Summer Day, traveled Europe in the adventurous race Red Bull Can You Make It? She speaks about her own experience from the week of hitchhiking. Did the whole week on the road convince her that it´s possible to travel without money? How was it for the team Summer Day to survive on the road only with Red Bull cans and nothing more?

You and your crew were on adventurous hitchhike race through Europe – can you tell us about a moment from your trip you won´t ever forget (positive, or even negative one)?

There were so many amazing moments. Every minute was in its own way unforgettable. Every little thing was a part of our all week adventure - of a mosaic where each part was crucial. Most powerful experience was probably meeting Miguel and Belinda, a married couple, with whom we spent first night.

With what thing you would never leave home, what precisely must be included in your bag before departure?

Next time, I definitely need to think more about what I should not include in my backpack. For our one week long trip, I packed too many things. I don´t say I didn´t used them, but I would live without them too. I didn´t realize that walking with a heavy bag on my back for a whole week and even riding a kick bike is not really funny at all.

How was it to be the only girl in a three member’s team of hitchhikers?

It was awesome! I do like spend time in men’s company. In general, I think that it is much more fun with guys, so I was really happy. On top of that, to know that they are with me gave me a feeling of safety.

Do you have previous experiences with hitchhiking?

I’ve never travelled like this. Only for short distances in France when I didn´t want to pay for a bus for just a few kilometres. But this summer, I want to hitchhike for two weeks - if I´ll successfully complete my school year, I’ll have three months of holidays. Thanks to this week, I have met many great and helpful people. That’s the reason why I´m attracted to hitchhiking.

Did this trip convince you to travel this way also outside of Europe?

I don´t think so. Maybe in the USA or Canada, I would try to hitchhike, but I´m not such a big adventurer for hitchhiking in other countries outside of Europe. Maybe it´s not even about the adventure like more about responsibility. I think that hitchhiking can be dangerous and in locations, where I´m a complete stranger, I would not sit in some stranger’s car.

Your opinion – can you travel without money?

It can work without money; we have convinced ourselves about that. But I won´t plan to travel like this anymore. I do like low-cost trips, you can travel cheaply. We could make it for a week, but it feels much better to have certitude which money brings. To buy food when you´re hungry, to be able to buy ticket or accommodation without the need of relying upon someone’s help – that is a part of my idea of freedom. And that´s part of traveling.

If you travel again, will it be necessary to have someone’s company or would you try to hitchhike on your own?

I´m really a sociable person and I don´t like loneliness, so I prefer to have company, but it´s not a must. I believe that there´s a lot of people with the same opinion – that they love getting to know other people and are open minded. I experienced that during the week of our trip. But it was easier to communicate with somebody when there were three of us than if I were all alone.

In which country was it easy to hitchhike – and on the other side, where did you had a hard time?

We just hitchhiked through Spain and France. Spain was tough. Even locals who picked us after a long waiting told us that Spain is not good for hitchhiking. Local people don´t like to invite strangers to their cars. But after that France was easy. I think that the best shift was from Bordeaux to Avignon. It took us only 45 minutes longer than our navigation said.

On your way you had to buy trade food, accommodation and transport for Red Bull cans. What do you think that was the hardest to get?

Not easy to say. Hard to believe that, but all the week we were really lucky and we didn´t suffered in any way. We didn´t deal with bigger problems, transport or accommodation. It was just about not be scared to ask. But the charm of our personalities played its role too!

Red Bull Can You Make It? is a unique epic travel race on which young college students from more than 50 countries around the globe can prove that they can hitchhike through Europe in one week - using only and nothing more than a Red Bull energy drinks as a currency.

for more information visit: www.redbullcanyoumakeit.com

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