Press Release: Internet Gallery for Contemporary Architecture is an internet project based on a combination of video-lectures and exhibitions in virtual space that make use of the many interactive possibilities provided by the Web.

Each exhibition is accompanied by a printed catalogue,
for those who prefer the form of print. These are accompanied with texts in Czech and English, colour photographs, visualisations and plans.

In the video sections, various authors speak about their work, while at the same time the project list indicates the particular design projects and themes that the architects are discussing at that moment, as well as opening many photographs, visualisations, plans and project information that visitors to the site can at their will enlarge and examine. Visitors can also choose from a selection of major themes and specific projects the video-lectures of their preference.

Architects discuss the chief themes of their work, their personal approach to architecture, sources of inspiration, interesting details relating to individual projects, outstanding personalities among their clients, etc. Czech architects will speak in Czech, while international visitors to the site will have an English version with subtitles and texts in English. As for international architects, they will speak in English or their native language according to their personal preference.

The possibilities of the Internet furthermore allow visitors to to return at any time to any exhibition and determine the tempo of viewing that best suits them. All exhibitions will be mutually linked thematically, and the Internet gallery will concentrate on striking personalities and intriguing themes of contemporary architecture.

In the upcoming year, a total of 3 exhibitions will be created especially for the gallery.

The author of the project and the gallery’s curator is Alena Hanzlová. The graphic conception of the gallery is the work of Petr Knobloch, Tomáš Celizna a Jiří Pětvaldský, studio dgú (dílna grafické úpravy).

The first architects to be presented in the virtual space of are the Austrian studio ARTEC Architekten. The operation of the internet gallery of contemporary architecture consequently received its ceremonial start on December 6 in the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague.

ARTEC Architekten

(start of the internet project, December 5, 2006)

Studio ARTEC Architekten was founded in 1985 in Vienna by the Austrian architects Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl. Since then, the atelier has successfully participated in many competitions and completed many exceptional buildings that have received Austrian as well as international prizes.

The architects in the interview discuss the key themes of their oeuvre, allowing the visitor a glimpse into their methods of reflection on building, the aspects that influence their work. They also mention the most significant personalities among their clients. The interview is further documented by colour photographs and visualisations of their projects.
A catalogue was published alongside the exhibition, with 120 pages of text in Czech and English, colour photographs and plans with an innovative principle of organising to reflect the exhibition’s unusual character.

Bettina Götz
1962 – born in Bludenz, Austria, 1987 – completed studies at the Technical University in Graz, 2000 – external professor at the Technical University in Vienna, 2006 - professor at the Universität der Künste in Berlin

Richard Manahl
1955 – born in Bludenz, Austria, 1982 – completed studies at the Technical University in Graz

Most important projects:
1994, 1997 - Kunstraum Wien, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
1996 – School in Zehdengasse, Vienna
1998 - Zita Kern Space, Raasdorf, Austria
2003 – Pharmacy in Aspern, Vienna
2004 – Apartment block in Bregenz, Austria
- Hochwuhr hydroelectric power station, Feldkirch, Austria
2005 – Houses B-B and S, Bocksdorf, Austria
2006 - Tokyostrasse apartment complex, Vienna

1st prizes in competitions:
1988 – Central Building Commission, Graz
1995 - Museo del Prado, Madrid
1998 – Luxenburgerstrasse apartment complex, Vienna
2002 - Wiedner Hauptstrasse, Vienna
2004 – Hochwuhr hydroelectric power station
2006 – Tokyostrasse apartment complex, Vienna

Chief prizes and awards:
1997 - Cena Domico, school in Zehdengasse
1998 - Aluminium - Architekturpreis, Zita Kern Space
1999 - Prize for the investor, Austrian Architects’ Association, Zita Kern Space
2002 – Lower Austria Culture Prize, Zita Kern Space
2004 – Prize for the investor, Austrian Architects’ Association, pharmacy in Aspern
2005 - Mies van der Rohe Prize, finalists, EFAFLEX
2006 - European Prize for Urban Public Space, Barcelona, finalists, Hochwuhr hydroelectric power station, AAA – Austrian Architects’ Association Prize, EFAFLEX

The current exhibition project was made possible thanks to the support of: the Austrian Bundeskanzleramt, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague, the ARCUS Foundation, the Czech Chamber of Architects, the Czech Architecture Fund and MOLAB Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague.
Gallery partners: Copy General s.r.o., Korado, a.s.
Chief project partner: Metrostav, a.s.
Project partners: Indal C&EE, s.r.o., Luxplan, s.r.o.
Chief media partner of the project: Architekt
Media partners: Era 21,,,,, Radio 1, Respekt, České noviny

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