Letní Letná returning in August

The festival of contemporary circus is in its 13th year

The contemporary circus festival Letní Letná 2017 takes place from Aug. 17 to. Sept 3 in Letná Park.

The 13th year of the festival that celebrates new circus, theater, music and visual arts brings top performing groups from all around the world. Contemporary circus focuses on character and story development, using acrobatics, dance and movement. It rarely uses animals but instead uses modern lighting, music, and costume design.

Letní Letná is the only event of its kind in the Czech Republic and its neighboring countries.

This year the main show will be Barbu, a brand new act by Canadian group Cirque Alfonse, who gained international praise with their hit Timber. Daring, playful and hairy, the group is going to break all the conventions with acrobatics, edgy music, and perfectly styled beards.

Taking a more otherworldly approach, Collectif Malunés will challenge the borders of reality with their show Forever, Happily… The French-Belgian company is renowned for creating a fantastic world where the present meets fairy tales. With help of eclectic music, the quintet of artists will defy gravity and make the audience question abilities of the human body.

Humor and absurdity are going to be covered by Atelier Lefeuvre & André in their show 8m3. It's not their first visit to Letní Letná, and this year the group has prepared three separate acts. Locked in the cube of 2x2x2 meter size, they will put their acrobatic skills and wit to a true test. Their other shows at the festival are Chez Moi Circus and Ni Omnibus.

Last of the big names, Catalonian Escarlata Circus will be celebrating 30 years of its existence. For Prague, they have prepared a birthday party called Devoris Causa. Sweet, sour and a bit salty the evening is going to be filled with story, movement, and a cake.

Letní Letná will also introduce free, open air acts Stand’artní kabaret, LEGOrytmus, Dukto, Běžkařská Odysea and many other shows by Czech groups.

The festival attracted around 40,000 people in 2016. In the past Letní Letná hosted names like Cirque Ici, Cirque Trottola, Les Colporteurs, 7 Fingers, Cirkus Cirkör, Compagnie XY or Cirque Baroque, who stand on the top ranks of contemporary circus.

To get tickets visit letniletna.cz/2017/program

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