Nulty Bod starts July 17

New theater trends are explored in a week-long festival

The progressive theater festival Nulty Bod will take place on various stages around Prague from July until 17 to 23. The festival first took place in 2009. Its goal is to present provocative European theater genres and trends in dance, physical theater and performing arts to the Czech audience.

This year Nulty Bod (Zero Point) is about confronting the clock. “Try to stop the time and you’ll find out how fragile it is,” festival dramaturge Petr Boháč said. Venues include divadlo Celetná, Institut Umění, Werichova vila and the entrance to the Museum Kampa.

The festival will open in divadlo Celetná with Volker Gerling’s Portraits in Motion. The avid traveler and flip-book creator turned into sensation at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His travels include 3,500 km walk throughout Germany. His encounters are captured in photographic flip-books. Portraits in Motion revisit these memories. “Art cannot be quieter, simpler and more beautiful,” newspaper Tagenseizeir Zeitung said in a review.

Another performance sees Daniel Abreu bringing a plethora of emotions and paradoxes with his on-edge performance Cabeza. A renowned choreographer and holder of the Spanish National Prize for Choreography, Abreu creates a space where logic makes no sense and the end is the beginning.

The most daring show of all is a 25-hour-long act by Tanterhorse group called Momentum. Starting on July 19 inside the newly renovated Werichova vila, Miřenka Čechová and Sabine Seume will spend 25 hours moving in slow motion behind the confines of a transparent cube. Both actresses will be seen by public eyes during the day and their night activities will be streamed live.

A more historical piece is performed by Hotel Europe with their play Portugal is Not a Small Country. It documents the hidden truth behind Portuguese colonists of Angola and Mozambique, who came back to their home country after the fall of colonialism. Based on interviews with many Retorados, as the returnees were called, Hotel Europe will revisit questions of collective guilt and fascism. The performance will take place in areas of divadlo Celetná and Institut Umění that are usually off limits.

Another visiting performer is Icelandic dancer and choreographer Bára Sigfúsdottir, who is going to perform a piece based on the work of French artist Noémie Goudal in The Lover. The performance builds on the silent tension between reality and imagination.

Czech performance group Spitfire will present Fragments of Love Images, which continues the groups efforts to get deep into get deep into the web of dreams as well as everyday reality. The audience becomes a participant in preparing an art opening for 16 artists.

The week will close with an open air performance of Spanish dancer Lali Ayguadé. A 2013 nominee for Exceptional Dancer in the Critics Awards of London, Ayguadé’s dance is going to be improvised in the entrance of Prague’s Museum Kampa.

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