Prague is cheapest for culture

Britain's Post Office ranked cities based on the cost of tickets

Prague is the cheapest city for culture in Europe, according to the annual Cost of Culture Report from Britain's Post Office.

The survey tracked the cost for British tourists to visit opera, dance, music, galleries and museums in 16 cities with world-class attractions.

The cost of cultural activities in Prague was calculated at £93.58, down nearly 25.9 percent since last year. Warsaw was the cheapest in the 2016 report but has now fallen to second place. Budapest and Moscow took the next two spots. Berlin was the cheapest city in the eurozone, in sixth place.

Prague, Moscow and Rome saw prices decreased for UK tourists in 2017, despite drop in the exchange rate for the British pound. The other cities in the survey saw culture grow more expensive.

Despite coming in second and third, The price of culture in Warsaw rose 46 percent and in Budapest it as up 43 percent.

Andrew Brown, head of the travel money division at the Post Office, said that more UK holidaymakers are taking city breaks than any other type of overseas trip. “Our latest consumer research confirms that a city’s cultural attractions are the most important consideration when deciding where to visit. However, this year’s Cost Of Culture Report found that performance and entry prices vary dramatically between cities. Culture vultures looking for good value can save hundreds of pounds by doing their homework before booking and swapping expensive cities for cheaper ones,” he said.

He offered additional advice for saving money. “There are ways to keep the cost of culture down. Buy tickets direct from a theater or opera house rather than via a ticket agency to avoid commission, seek advice on cheaper seats that still offer good views and check for free entry days to museums or gallery or times when prices are reduced,” he said.

He offered additional travel tips as well. “Make sure you get the best rate for your holiday cash by ordering in advance rather than using an airport bureau or an ATM abroad and never agree to pay in sterling when paying on plastic as you will be charged extra,” he added.

Prague also scored highly in the Post Office's list of top 12 places where the holiday purse will stretch the longest. It was fifth in the world out of 44 ranked cities based on dinner for two with wine, a range of drinks, suncream and insect repellent. The last two items aren't really needed in Prague, though. This came to £51.17 in Prague. The cheapest city was Algarve, Portugal, at £33.36. Europe took nine of the top 10 spots on that list.

Top 10 cheapest in cost of culture
1. Prague, £93.58, down 25.9 percent
2. Warsaw, £93.97, up 45.6 percent
3. Budapest, £111.58, up 42.9 percent
4. Moscow, £125.38, down 19.3 percent
5. Stockholm, £166.90, up 13.6 percent
6. Berlin, £204.46, up 2.5 percent
7. Brussels, £211.83, up 32.5 percent
8. Rome, £222.87, down 5.9 percent
9. Amsterdam, £256.05, up 8.7 percent
10. Copenhagen, £259.32, 11.9 per cent 

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