The School for Wives (Škola pro ženy)

Theatre Review: Almost 500 years old, Molière's classic comedy -- part of Švandovo's English-subtitled repertoire -- still has them laughing

This energetic performance of Molière's classic certainly had the crowd roaring with laughter.

While the accuracy of the subtitles leaves something to be desired, being able to see a quality local rendition of a play in English is still pretty cool.

The play is just as funny today at it was when it debuted almost 500 years ago, full of the racy character and wit you might expect from the French.

The story involves a nobleman, Arnolphe, who has been grooming a girl to become his ideal fiancée.

When the girl comes of age, however, she has plans of her own, leading the nobleman to confide in a colleague who is interested in the bride-to-be himself.

The play is very entertaining, with superb, energetic acting -- Ivan Řezáč, in fact, was named "Best Actor" at the 2005 Thálie awards for his portrayal of Arnolphe.

All in all, this classic tale, with English subtitles, and delivered with characteristic Švandovo flair, is certainly one to see.

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