Signal festival coming in October

The fifth edition of the light art festival has a few changes in store

The fifth edition of Signal, the festival of light art, will take place in Prague from Oct. 12 to 15 with 22 installations.

This year will be organized a bit differently than previous editions. There will be two official festival routes. One in Vinohrady will be shorter and perhaps a bit calmer, while the downtown route will go through the heart of Prague. Organizers recommend setting aside two evenings for seeing all of the Signal festival.

“The basic idea of the Signal festival is the discovery of the city through art. Art installations, such as video mapping, site-specific or static light objects, shall guide the visitors through the streets of Prague and show them its quiet places and known as well as unknown places from a different angle and in a different light,” festival director Martin Pošta said in a press release.

“The concept of two routes makes this possible. Thanks to this concept, we are able to incorporate a lot of locations into the program where the Signal has never been held before, and we make it possible not only for visitors but also for the inhabitants of Prague to discover much more from the city,” he added.

The outdoor part of the Signal festival as in the past will be accessible free of charge. There will also be a 3D video mapping that requires 3D glasses, which cost Kč 50 for proper viewing.

This year there will also be a gallery zone with four areas with various light installations. Visiting the gallery zones will require purchasing a ticket that costs Kč 100. The ticket is valid for all four areas. The gallery areas include places that are not normally accessible to the public.

Only a few of the projects in this year's festival have been announced, but people can expect a magic garden full of fantasy creations and tunnel of light that explores time and space, as well as videomappings on historical buildings.

The Signal festival program is created by international and domestic experts in the art of light, and has artists from around the world. During the festival, visitors will also be able to take part in accompanying activities such as concerts, theater performances and workshops.

Users of Android and iOS mobile devices will have applications at their disposal with information about the routes and artworks. A printed map will also be available.

In cooperation with Canon, one of the festival partners, there will be a photo contest on Facebook.

The Canadian travel website listed Signal among the 36 world festivals that travelers should not miss. The 2016 edition attracted 578,137 people, according to data tracking. This was up from an estimated 250,000 in the first year, 2013.

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