LUSTR festival explores illustrations

The fourth edition of the festival takes place at Hybernská 4

Illustrations are something that we all like and come across on a daily basis. But having an insight into the illustrators' fantasy and finding the sources of their inspiration is more interesting. The LUSTR festival provides a great opportunity to do this and to have a look into the world of illustration. LUSTR takes place in Prague for the fourth time from Sept. 22–28 at Hybernská 4.

LUSTR is a seven-day celebration of illustration that includes exhibitions of professional works, plus workshops, lectures, films and discussions. Over 40 artists will present their works and share their experiences with illustrations.

Visitors will have a chance to meet famous Czech and Slovak artists, as well as some guests from other countries like Jonathan Vermersch from France or Mágoz from Spain. The latter has worked for the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The artists will be available for talks and will share their knowledge and inspiration.

The festival this year will focus on the current trends in illustrating and drawing art and its interconnection with other artistic disciplines. The response of contemporary illustrations to social and community issues will be the main focus of LUSTR festival 2017.

The festival opens Sept. 22 at 6 pm, and the exhibition of illustartors' works will take place. An hour later, DJ Kierastoboy (Kiera Motorina) will add some disco and funk for visitors to brighten the evening. Note that this in not a free opening; tickets are required.

The next day will provide four lectures, and a lecture in English will take place at 7 pm. At LUSTR talks with Mágoz, Pauková and Vermersch, the artists will present the important moments in their careers and share their experiences with failures and success.

On Sept. 24, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the Best of Fest Anča 2017 screening from noon to 1 pm. Anča Fest is an international animation festival with films for an adult audience. Then, at 1 to 2 pm another screening, It’s Nice That — Nicer Tuesdays' Illustrator Talks, will take place. The film is compiled from talks in London held by the group Nicer Tuesdays. Both screenings are in English. The Best of Fest Anča 2017 program will repeat on Sept, 27 at noon. It's Nice That will repeat Sept. 28 at 1 pm.

Starting at 2 pm on Sept. 24 the master class called Creativity Is a Muscle Like Any Other will be held by Martina Pauková. She will help the visitors to create some ideas. Then, the artist will give some suggestions about style and provide advice for further development. It is in Czech and Slovak with the possibility of English.

Most of the other side events including the final party on Sept. 27 at 7 pm are in Czech.

The LUSTR festival was started in 2014, and was the first illustration festival in the Czech Republic.

This year the festival is organized by Czech illustrators and the PageFive bookstore, in collaboration with the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University, which provided the festival space. 

For information about tickets and details of the program, visit

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