Fringe Review: A Play on Two Chairs

Two chairs, two people. That's it. The sheer simplicity of this show was set on fire by the unrelenting energy of the two performers. They took their audience on a turbulent journey through the complicated world of love, from lust to logic, from flirtation to fighting, from simmering anger to passionate adoration.

The two actors held their audience at every moment, through comedy to pathos and back. Physically and verbally this pair was alight with intensity. The script is by the Irish playwright Michael West and it is an excellently delivered concept, but definitely needs actors with the energy and physical competence exemplified here by Mangiare Theatre Company. Both actors trained at the Jacques Lecoq School and it shows.

I laughed hard - and much of the laughter was at myself as, time after time, the antics on stage resonated with too-familiar patterns of behaviour. The
truth in the scenes was striking. The significance of "I'm sorry" for example, was given great weight. Grief was briefly but touchingly portrayed. But before you started to think too seriously, there was another of their ridiculously energetic transformations to the next adventure.

It is the perfect festival show - delightful, lively, very funny and very fast. Go see it!

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